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Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Perfect Shamble

You don't choose the Craft, it chooses you. - Granny Weatherwax 

When All Is Said and Done this may very well come to be known as the Arts & Gaming NADWCon

But I digress ... 

On to Arts & Crafts

We liked this idea so much (Thank you, Margie*) that we've scheduled two of these workshops:
Shamble Making Class
Learn how to make your own Shamble -  ages 7 - 70
A shamble is a handmade device used by Witches to detect or amplify magic. A conversant Discworld Witch can assemble a shamble in a matter of seconds using stuff like strings, twigs, leaves, feathers, beads, coloured paper, an egg or even a beetle. The whole thing looks like a "cat's cradle", or some sort of nest made of rubbish.
We will have materials and tokens available to add to your shamble but you are welcome to bring some items of your own to add if you wish.  
Now, I want to be verrra clear about this.  A shamble, as you lot know, usually contains a live object, like an egg or in certain cases, a Feegle.  Now then,  (You! - yes, you there in the back I'm talking to you)  will be finishing your Shamble at home where you can add the live elements yourself, and, let there be no mistake, cats (You, in the back there, are you listening?) cats, as I said, are not any part  of this.  So take it home to finish, and clean up any resultant mess yourself. 

 There. Now you know. Go to.

(Not, you! You'll be staying after. I want a word in your ear ...)

See you there, 


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* The ideas was Margie's, and the workshops will be taught by Megan with help from Erin.   Thanks to Missy for hunting down and finding our supplies. 

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