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Friday, June 10, 2011

Terry's Signings at NADWCon

I did the math the other day and it turns out that I've known Terry Pratchett for almost 18 years.  I've spent some of that time at various of his West Coast signings trying to 

a) feed him 
(why does no one feed these people?) 


b) finding ice for his hand when it became swollen after he had cheerfully signed pretty much anything for over four to six hours at a stretch. 

I'm happy to say that I don't have to worry quite so much about ice at NADWCon except, perhaps, to find some for his drinks.  I'll still make sure he eats.  We're both a little older and our cinnamon bun and bear claw days are well behind us in more ways than one.  (In my case, they went straight to my ... oh, never mind) 

It's healthy veggies in the Green Room, now. Hummus, no doubt, will be involved.  It's hard to get as excited about mashed chickpeas as I would about, say, a great bear claw. On the other hand, we both look *good*.  

So...where was I? Oh, yes, signings.  All things change and so do these.  The new procedures are detailed below.  (This and other NADWCon info can be found in our June Newsletter)

I'm sure that I don't have to say this to you, Dear Reader,  but feel free to pass my thoughts along should the need arise: These changes are made with Terry's health in mind.  Anyone who doesn't respect that, I don't want to know them.  More to the point, they won't want to know me, should I get the unfortunate impression that a fan cares more about a scribble on a flyleaf then they care about the man himself.  So, 'nuff said ... *


Here's the tactful wording the ConCom put into the June newsletter.  Never had much truck with tactful meself but it's good for them as likes it.  **
Good news! You no longer need to pack those heavy hardcovers!
Due to both consideration for Sir Terry's health and well-being and the sheer number of Discworld fans who will be attending our amazing convention, it has been arranged that in place of traditional signing sessions, we will be hosting meet-and-greet sessions in which each attendee will have the opportunity to receive a special signed bookplate from The Man Himself.  The bookplate that you will receive personally from Sir Terry will be a limited edition made just for our convention, and will indicate that the plate was signed at the NADWCon2011!
Bookplate session tickets will be assigned randomly, and may be swapped between attendees at a Friday swap meet session that will be indicated on the program schedule. Please be aware that just like with a traditional signing, you will need to bring your ticket to the session to be admitted and receive your bookplate.  More details to come!
Please note: No flash photography will be permitted during these sessions, nor will photography while at the front of the line be permitted.  Non-flash photography from the sidelines that does not slow Sir Terry or the line will be allowed.  We also request that out of consideration for Sir Terry and out of fairness to all of the attendees, you do not approach Sir Terry at any time with requests for signatures. Approaching him with offers of a beer or interesting topics of conversation, or just to say hello or have a chat is fine, however!
But wait! There's more!
There will be a special Monday signing session where Sir Terry will personally sign a limited number of books or other items.  This session will be open solely to those who have won items in the Charity Auction that they would like signed, and for the lucky folks who win a Signature From Sir Terry in the Charity Auction. We will have 20 lots of one signature each available for bidding.

This just in: A Further Word About Book Plates from the ConCom

 * I tell a lie. There was more to say: I'd like to quote what Maribeth just posted on the NADWCon FB page: 
I'm glad that Sir Terry will not have the pressure of hundreds of autographs to write on the spot... the book plates will make a lovely keepsake, and he won't have the stress. I want Sir Terry to enjoy this convention as much as we all will. 
Well said. 

** Don't get me started on the !!s Emily, our Esteemed Chair, likes her !!'s.  The gal's got a law degree.  She can use a few !!s when she wants to. 

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