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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Think Geek and Denver ComicCon Step Up to Help Aurora

This just in:
Members of the Denver Comic Con are working with state officials to organize a candlelight vigil this Sunday, in Aurora.
"We are also working on some fundraising efforts and will be releasing specific details soon. Our thoughts are pouring out to all the people who were affected by this tragedy. We love you"
I found this note via @thinkgeek on Twitter. Think Greek posts that:
(Denver ComicCon is) working with the Mental Health America of Colorado to provide grief counseling during the vigil. They're also working on fundraising efforts, so keep an eye on their tweets for more news.  

Think Geek just donated $1,000 to the chapter of the Red Cross local to the Aurora shooting.

Their website also posted ways in which you and I and all our friends can help the people of Aurora:
If you're local to Denver and the Aurora area, you're encouraged to give blood--actually, no matter where you are, now's a good time to be reminded that blood banks could always use your donation. The Bonfils Blood Center in Colorado sounds booked for today, but you can set up an appointment.
Denver magazine and website 5280 has some helpful information for Denver locals, including a crisis counselor hotline (Aurora Mental Health Center, 303-617-2300) and community gatherings scheduled for tonight and this weekend.

7/25 update: Yet more ways to help!
As more time has passed, more ways to help have been made available. Such as Giving First which has an extensive list of charities that are doing amazing things for the Aurora shooting victims and their families.
There are also drives gathering money to help individual victims with their medical expenses, such as Caleb Medly's fundraising site and an IndieGoGo to help Petra Anderson.

Well done.


Art: Remember Aurora ribbon by Mark Rantal 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cruel Shoes: How the Discworld Seamstress Guild Is Rocking Facebook

Fans of the Discworld, history, fashion, art, humor and culture have found a meeting place at the Discworld Seamstress Guild page on Facebook thanks to the fabulous content provided by Patty Panek.

Great job, Patty. Thanks.

The Seamstress Guild now has a page on Twitter. Mrs Palm posts as  @DWSeamstress

Mrs Palm writes: The Seamstress Guild will attend the North American Discworld Convention with bells on (in various and interesting places).  



Photo: Skull Shoes - Black magic by digital artist Natalie Shau

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Monstrous Regiment - A Disworld Collage at Polyvore

Oh, well done!

It would nice to see some witty Discworld collages in the NADWCon Art Show.   Pass it on.

Monstrous Regiment

Great Plains red coat

Opi nail polish

Cut Throat Razor

The rest of the Discworld Collection can be found here

Hat tip to Patty Panek (She who finds so many great things for our Seamstress Guild FB page) for the link. 


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rhianna Pratchett revealed as lead writer on Tomb Raider

Warped Zone reports this news from ComicCon:
...tortoise-owning, tea-loving, goddess of game writing that is Rhianna Pratchett was revealed by Crystal Dynamics to be the lead writer of their Tomb Raider reboot. The game scribe has had a hand in crafting the stories for several well-regarded games in the past including Heavenly Sword and cult classic Mirror’s Edge.

The website Digital Spy notes that
The former video game journalist brings "a depth and credibility to Lara", according to Crystal Dynamics, helping to shape a heroine "who will really connect with today's gamers".
Terry Pratchett posted on Twitter -  @TerryandRob - that he is "a very proud Dad".

Update: 7/17

RP posted this on Twitter today:
Interesting article on my Tomb Raider role. Will be addressing these issues in the near future. Context is everything.
The article she refers to is: Thoughts on Tomb Raider and the Woman Writing It 

You can read more about Ms Pratchett by visiting her website Rhianna and you can follow her on Twitter at @rhipratchett.


Photo of Ms Pratchett via the Kona's Korner website

Monday, July 16, 2012

Booking a room at the NADWCon 2013 hotel

It's official: folks can now book their rooms at the con hotel, the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront.

More hotel information and photos can be found here

See you there,