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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

NADWCon Schedule Grid Complete - Available Thursday Evening

Update 6/30 3 PM

As promised, Jon posted the pdf files for the Program Schedule to the website.  You will find them here. 

Go pack! Don't forget your duck.


So, I'm minding my own con business when I get an email from dis guy who wants me to make one more -ing change to the schedule grid.  Well, you all know how Marilyn and I feel about that.*  I mean, seriously, who does he think he is?

....Oh. Right.
I am pleased to announce that we are adding one - and only one - Koffee Klatch to Terry Pratchett's schedule. This will be a Kid's Only Klatch
What a guy.

Making the Schedule Public: 

Pssst! Don't tell anyone but the schedule is finally locked down.   Jon will post it up on the NADWCon website by Thursday evening, Wisconsin time., if you will excuse me, I'll get back to working on Confirmation of Participant's Schedules while Marilyn and Ray work on your Pocket Program. 


Speaking of the guy in the black hat: Terry just won his latest battle for funding for demetia in the UK.  Well done, that man.

See you there,


* I believe Marilyn and I finally made our point when we threatened to move the play up on the roof if anyone suggested even one more change.  At that point, we got creative (or punch drunk, you decide) and moved all the Koffee Klatches to the swimming pool and put the Maskerade in the parking lot. All staff meetings, (need I even say it?) will now take place in the pub.

Photo: Terry Pratchett: Back cover photo for Morris and His Educated Rodents 

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