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Friday, June 3, 2011

Monstrous Regiment OR Staff Changes at NADWCon

ANNOUNCEMENT from the Chair of NADWCon:

Hello all,

With our convention almost one month away the details are all coming together, but there is still much to do and the stress is starting to rise. I am very proud of all of you handling such important tasks as well as you have and it is because of those efforts that I know this convention will be a huge success. To help ensure that it all runs smoothly your Chair and Vice Chair have come to a mutual agreement in a rearranging of convention jobs. Due to his medical condition compounding lately with the stress of his position Josh and I have decided the it will be best if I, as the Vice Chair, take over his duties. So, as of today I have officially assumed the role of Convention Chair, and I would like to thank Margie Grady for agreeing to be my Vice Chair.
Thank you all for your hard work.

Jon Lemerond
Committee Chair
NADWCon 2011


Our best wishes go out to Josh who made a very difficult decision for all the right reasons. We wish you good health and look forward to working with you in July.

Now, we all know that flying rumor monkeys sometimes perch in the Tower of Art so before any silliness gets started, here is the  backstory:

This is the announcement I sent out to the Seamstress Guild today:

You all know Marg Grady from the Seamstress Guild. She was in charge of Ambiance for NADWCon 2009, and she organized, designed and managed the Banquet, as well. In both case, she did a magnificent job.
Last month, Margie had took on the job of Volunteer Coordinator for this con at our request when a staff member had to step down due to an illness in his family. (1) She will now find a Right Hand or  replacement for that task (we already have some people in mind) and she is assuming her new duties as Vice Chair as we speak.

No worries, folks. You know we always have a Plan B ...and C ... and D. ...

Guild Members and NADWCon 2009 staff, Emily, Jean, Anna, Marilyn, Missy, Margie, Maggi and Yours Truly among them, are all helping/handling/advising/keeping an eye on things behind the scenes.

Emily and/or I both talk to Terry on the phone at least once a month, so he also knows that things are well in hand.

Marg Grady

Many of you know Margie, our Seamstress Guild colleague who designed and directed the banquet in 2009 as well as being in charge of ambiance for that con. Those were her "official" jobs. She did a lot more than that but I'll save *those* stories for the pub.

Emily Anna and I worked with Margie on NADWCon during 2008/09. Those of you who don't yet know her will no doubt come to value her as we do. She is not a glory hog, in fact, she spent the entire 2009 con working behind the scenes and few people knew how much her work contributed to the excellence of that event.

Margie currently serves on the NADWCon Steering Committee and she is a very busy gal so I was delighted to hear that her schedule opened up and that our Vice Chair had invited her to join us in Wisconsin.

Margie is tactful, forthright and very good at communicating. She extremely experienced in all areas of con and event planning. She works well with all types of people and skill sets and she appreciates the good work done by others. She is that rare combination of talented artist and well organized manager, and she always puts the work ahead of her ego. In Margie NADWCon is getting someone we can count on who supports what we are trying to accomplish and who will make all our jobs *a lot* easier. She sees both the details and the big picture and she exhibits great grace and good humor under pressure. She is a wonderful addition to The Watch and I'm delighted that the Wisconsin ConCom has invited her on board. (2)

I know that the members of our guild, as well as our volunteers, presenters and attendees will give her their full support as well as the benefit of their talents, experience and time. Please know how much we all value and appreciate that fact.  
Best regards to all here,
Denise Connell
Founder & Chair, North American Seamstress Guild 
Producer, Seamstress Guild Parties & Director of Programming, NADWCon 2011
The Monstrous Regiment Rides Again!

(1) The gentleman who was working as the Volunteer Coordinator before Margie came on board had to step down when his mother became ill. I'm sure I speak for all here when I say that our thoughts are with him and is family. He is still involved with the convention as Special Assistant to the Chair.

(2) My husband will once again be helping out during NADWCon as Minister Without Portfolio. Like Margie, he has many skills.

Photo from the stage production of Nation.

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