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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Discworld Events at Sasquan / Worldcon 2015 - A Timeline

Below is a list of Discworld events currently planned for Sasquan / Worldcon 2015 

Here is the official, online schedule for Sasquan (which is frequently updated).

The mobile app for this Convention Guide is now in the app stores; the access code is SASQUAN (it is not case sensitive)



Please check the official convention schedule for additions and changes.  


We are happy to announce that The Turtle Moves: Remembering Terry Pratchett achieved their funding goal, and we will be making this documentary "love letter to Terry Pratchett" at Sasquan, as planned.  If you are a Discworld fan and you would like to be interviewed for this film, please contact the director, John Kentner, via the Kickstarter page at the link above.  


Wednesday - 14:00
Headology and Boffo: Character and Cunning on the Discworld 

Wednesday - 17:00
Ook - A Welcome To Discworld Fans 

Wednesday - 20:00
Discworld Pub Quiz 

Thursday - 11:00
Unseen University - A World Within A World

Thursday - 12:00 
Terry Pratchett Memorial Panel 

Thursday - 14:00
Nanny Ogg Knees Up - A Discworld Dance 

Thursday - 14:00 
Terry Pratchett for Kids 

Thursday - 20:00 
A Public Reading of Where's My Cow Wherein We Make All The Noises 

Friday - 10:00
The YA Discworld Novels and Other Books by Terry Pratchett for Young People 

Friday - 13:00 
A Night in Ankh-Morpork: City of 1,000 Surprises 

Friday - 16:00
How Discworld Changed My Life

Friday - 1800 
Fans of Terry Pratchett Discworld Rendezvous 

Saturday - 12:00 
Guided Tour of Discworld Exhibit - Please note: Other tours have now been added. Please see online schedule.

Saturday - 12:00 
The Turtle Moves - Discworld in the Roundworld 

Saturday - 13:00 
Witches, Werewolves, Seamstresses and Soldiers - The Women of Discworld 

Saturday - 16:00
Science and Technology of Discworld 

Sunday - 10:00 
Heraldry of Discworld for Kids 

Discworld Exhibit - There has been so much excitement about the Discworld Exhibit that we have added more times on for our docent tours.  Please check the online schedule for days and times.  Stop by any time the exhibit room to view the exhibit, and sign our guest book.  

Discworld Games: Stop by the Gaming Room to try the demo version of the new Discworld game CLACKS from Backspindle Games.   The BackSpindle game THE WITCHES will be on display in the Discworld Exhibit.
Discworld Movies: Please check the convention's Movie Schedule for a list of DW films to be shown at Sasquan.  

Discworld Party -  The Seamstress Guild has announced that, due to a series of unfortunate events beyond their control, there will be no official Seamstress Guild party at Sasquan. However, many of their members will be there with bustles on, and they have volunteered to help with the Discworld meets, games, exhibits, panels, dances and events at this convention. There are quite literally hundreds of parties at a Worldcon, both big and small, so folks won't be lacking for entertainment. 

Art: Young Nanny Ogg