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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tick...tick...tick...The June Newsletter Is Out


Here is the June newsletter, folks.  Hat tip to Vivian Obarski for producing these.


A partial list of programs is up on the website.

We lock down the program schedule by midnight tonight.  Our excellent volunteer staff have been warned (politely) that there are to be no more suggestions, bright ideas, last minute notes or "Didn't I tell you that? I'm sure I told you that" emails in our in-box.  In other words, Marilyn and I won't be making any more changes to this schedule unless there is an urgent need * (or there will be blood on the floor, and it won't be ours). **

We then move on to creating the Pocket Program with Ray Friesen's artwork.   Unlike the larger program, this one will contain information on days, times and room assignments for all programing elements, plus some handy notes on local restaurants, etc.
We plan to have the full schedule grid (with days, rooms & times for all program items) up on the NADWCon website by the end of next week, so you will all have time to make your plans
At present we have twenty-three Discworld panels listed, plus arts & crafts, talks, movies, special presentations, trips, workshops, meet-ups, games, outstanding parties, and lots, lots more.
NADWCon is organized and run by fans for fans.
Our thanks go out to our volunteers, honored guests, and the Guy In The Black Hat. Their generosity, talents and hard work make this great programming possible.
Tick ...

Vivian writes: 

At-Con News and Communications:
Want to keep up with all the news as it happens during the convention itself? We will have several ways to keep you informed and alerted to where the fun is, was, or will be happening! Here's the latest:

1) At the convention, we'd love to see people share the great time they are having via Twitter, Facebook, their blogs, and more! We encourage you to:

a. Tweet about your fun adventures, using the #nadwcon hashtag!
b. Post to your favorite place to blog, post photos, post videos, etc. and share those posts by sending a link After the con, we will post links to all of the con reports we receive.
c. We are working on creating an official Youtube channel, so keep your eyes open for the NADWCon channel broadcasting videos from the convention!

2) We will also have several committee members tweeting from the @nadwcon account. Each of us will sign tweets with our initials so you can see who's having fun where. Here are some of the folks you'll see sharing their experiences:

Vivian Obarski (VO)
Emily Whitten (ESW)
Missy Hayes (MH)
Denise Connell (DC)
Pat Harkin (PH)


See you there, ***


Photo: Death's Clock by Mark Arling Designs

* Exceptions made for any unintended violations of the laws of physics...grudgingly.

** Truth be told, they've all done an outstanding job.  Kudos to all involved. 

*** Hey guys, what happens when that thing stops ticking?

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