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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Happy 30th Birthday to the Discworld!

It was on this day, 30 years ago that the first Discworld novel, The Color of Magic, was published.

And now, a young Gytha Ogg will sing us a song in honor of the occasion. 

anda 1 ... anda 2 (Hop it, people, we're giving you time to run!) and .....

Monday, August 5, 2013

Whither NADWCon? Announcements & News re NADWCon 2015

Greetings all, 
 A lot of people are asking us about NADWCon 2015.  Here is where news about NADWCon will be announced. 
North American Discworld Page on Facebook
Please "Like" this Facebook page if you want information on future NADWCon's and any other Discworld related events in North America.  
The Steering & Bid Committee, AKA The Guild of Chelonavigators, is re-organizing and I am talking over some new ideas, both with them and with Terry and Rob, as they have the time.  Raising Steam is due out this fall so you can imagine how busy the guys are just now.  I doubt we'll have a significant announcement about the next con before the end of September or early October. 
For those of you not on FB, I will copy the announcements at this blog and on Twitter via @ItBodes.  
Later on, most announcements will be made on that new FB page, as well as @nadwcon and but the Baltimore ConCom, AKA Ravenquoth, Inc., still has control of both the official webpage and the twitter feed while they clean up after NADWCon 2013. 
Please share this notice as you see fit. Thank you. 
Dj for the Guild of Chelonavigators 
Art Note: Reference Maven Patty P. writes:
The original image is by Dobrosav BOB Zivkovic. Someone else must have turned it into an animation later (hence the change in background/buildings).

Friday, July 5, 2013

The All Guilds Party & Fashion Show

The All Guilds party at NADWCon 2013 is going on as I write.  Conceived and organized by Seamstress Guild Director, Missy Hayes* it is both a party and an All Comers Fashion Show.  Missy designed this event to allow all the North American Discworld Guilds to shine.  All con attendees are welcome.

I imagine that some great stories and photos will come out of this one:  Have fun, folks!


*  Missy is also the Volunteer Coordinator for this convention. 

Greetings to North American Discworld Fans from Terry & Rob

Hello all.

Long time, no blog.

Some of you have wondered about the radio silence on my Discworld blog since 10/2012.  As you may know,  I am not on the Baltimore Con Committee for NADWCon 2013 and the Con Chair felt that it was important that his be the only voice for that convention.  In that case, the only decent thing to do was to put the blog on hold while he and the team in Baltimore organized their event. Volunteers started arriving for set up last Tuesday and NADWCon 2013 officially starts today. Best wishes to all involved.

As many of you now know, Terry and Rob reluctantly announced last Sunday that they are unable to attend.   Here is a note regarding their announcement which I published at the various Discworld Facebook guild pages on 7/3, with their permission:

Greetings all, 

I had a lovely, long chat on the phone with Terry and Rob yesterday. Terry is in good health and he feels great. The writing and polishing on the new book is going well even with their grueling schedule. (As you know, they have a number of Discworld and charity related projects in hand, and they are working day and night like a couple of Golems.) Both guys are very excited and happy about "Raising Steam". From what I've heard, Terry is in great form, and we can expect a classic Discworld novel that is bound to become a fan favorite.

Both men send their best regards to their American friends. They are sorry they can't be at NADWCon this year and they would like to thank the fans for understanding that the publication schedule had to take precedence.

Denise Connell
Founder, Seamstress Guild of North America

I'm afraid that I can't be there, either.  Family duties required that I cancel our hotel reservations five months ago.  But I have been working behind the scenes nonstop to help the Discworld Seamstress Guild and the US  Dark Clerks gather volunteers for this convention for two years now, and so I'd like to send out my greetings to Seamstress Guild Director Missy Hayes and all the other great folks who have given their time and their talents for Sir Terry and the fans. 

My thoughts are with you this weekend. Have fun!