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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Dark Clerks Come To NADWCon

Many of our attendees want to volunteer at the con - it's a great way to make friends and honor Terry - but not everyone wants to be on a panel, run a game or teach a class. Some people have a different kind of skill set. They like to manage things behind the scenes, quietly and with little bloodshed.  If you see someone in a dark coat, a bowler hat or a pinstripe corset then I urge you to exercise both courtesy and caution for you may well be in the presence a Dark Clerk.  The members of this Discworld Guild; calm, capable, stylish, and, quite possibly, armed, do far more than shuffle paper. They bring order out of chaos. 

If you have a Dark Clerk in your soul, you will be happy to hear that Millie Shapiro Baker and Co. are organizing a, first ever, North American branch of the Dark Clerks Guild.  She writes: 
 "Do you like filing, organizing, paperwork, and, of course, working for Lord Vetinari to make the city of Ankh-Morpork run smoothly? Then by all means, grab your stationery, don your pinstripes, and join on up!"

We have need of both Igors and Dark Clerks at NADWCon.  The program readth thusly, 
Igors & Dark Clerks Wanted
Have you already signed up to volunteer as an Igor or a Dark Clerk during the Convention? If you haven't, would you like to? Attend this session to find out details on what's expected of you or how you can help, and maybe also a little info on the perks of being a creative, inventive, and adaptable Igor or a Dark Clerk, one who knows where all the bodies are buried...or will be.* 
* and who has the paperwork to prove it. 

Igors and Dark Clerk Guild Masters: Briefing for Volunteers with Special Skills
We can use Igors and Dark Clerks with special skills or qualifications. If you're one of those and would like to help out (or have already offered your aid), showing up here would be the first step in learning what we might need you to do.
Can you spare an hour or two to 
volunteer at NADWCon?
Write to Margaret Grady, 
Volunteer Director & Vice Chair, 

I tip my pen to all the Dark Clerks coming to NADWCon.  The Igors and I await you.  Fun fact: Igors make one heck of a cup of coffee.  Just don't ask what's in it. Just....don't.


Unofficial but interesting Dark Clerks Guild Crest by Lady Twatterby at DeviantArt


  1. Wow, awesome post! I was going to link you to that very picture, and tell you about the pinstripes, as per your question, but I see you did the research on your own. I honestly can't thank you enough for publicizing us like this. (My middle name is Shapiro, though.)

  2. Name fixed and I'm glad you like it. Thank *you* for organizing this fun and useful new guild. Do let me know if there are other costuming or style items I should mention.