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Monday, June 13, 2011

Panelists Wanted OR This Way To The Egress ....

Do emails swarm, I wonder, or do they flock? Missy, our Seamstress Guild Party Director, tells me that her's lurk. Mine seem to migrate. Just now they look like a herd of African Wildebeests all trying to cross the same river, in the same place. Once I have beaten back the crocodiles and seen them all safely to shore, I will be working (happily and yet again) on Panels for NADWCon.  (1) 
Below, you'll find a short list of some of the panels we're going to offer.  
This is still a work in progress. As I write this, we've sold 856 memberships out of 1,000. More and more people are coming forward offering to help in this last month before the con.  T'was ever thus.  (2)
Updated 6/13/2011 
My thanks to everyone who came forward when I first posted the request for panelists for some of our panels back in May.  We are now in great shape. 
 I could use a few more costuming panelists for these two panels
Dress to Express:    
Identity is often defined by clothing in the Discworld novels–a strategic rolled-up sock or a  washerwoman's skirt in Monstrous Regiment; a pointy hat in the witch and wizard books; or a badge, a breastplate, and cheap boots in the Watch books. Come join us for this examination of clothing choices and effects in the Discworld and elsewhere. We’ll discuss how to dress for Discworld and related events like Steampunk and fantasy conventions. Whether your character is high style or low comedy, we’ll discuss budget busting fun and cheap-but-looks-fab costuming effects.  We’ll talk about what works and what has gone deeply, badly, horribly wrong in our own attempts to get that perfect look.

Tools of the Trade: The Seamstress Guild’s Guide To Using...Oh, Let’s Just Call Them Props
Get your minds out of the gutter, people; this panel is about costume items we flaunt like fans, hats, jewelry and those little boots that Terry Loves, as well as the essential but unseen, a.k.a. Items of a Delicate Nature. (You, there in the back, stop sniggering.)

Join our guild members as we go beyond the dress and corset and discuss the elements of costuming that often get overlooked from the wig down to the toe ring. This is a panel brimming with information no good Seamstress should be without. Spectators are welcome, but must keep their hands to themselves!
otherwise, we're good to go. 
I've sent the Master List for our program over to Ray Friesan who will add the artwork, essays and the rest of the text.  Then, on to the printer.  
Now if you'll pardon me, I'm off to wrestle with the schedule.
(1) Behind me, metaphorically speaking, is a gentleman in black, waiting to rip this list out of my hands so that he can do the Programming Book.  Update 6/12/01: Ray took the program list last night. After he does his art and editor thing, it goes to the printer.
(2) Well meaning people often write to me and say, "You should do *this*!".  Do I ask, "With what army?" I do not. I have the Morpork Mob to call on.  (pssst! That's you). 
... I love you folks best when you say, "I can do this and this and can I help?".
Art: Egress Sign by Marg Grady for NADWCon 2009.  This piece is now in my collection.  

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