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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

CapClave 2012: Where Reading Is Not Extinct

Close to 400 people (many Discworld fans among 'em) will be  gathering in Washington, D.C. this October 12 - 14th for a charming convention "Where reading is not extinct".  It is called Capclave.

The website describes Capclave as a:
 Small relaxed literary convention with a program that usually focuses on the short fiction form. Our Guests of Honor and other notable authors, editors, artists, and fans of the short fiction form will explore the creation and enjoyment of short fantasy and science fiction genre stories.

Past Capclaves have hosted discussions with authors and fans; readings by authors; a dealer's room with books, magazines, artwork, crafts, and other science fiction and fantasy related items; exhibits by artists; space science presentations from NASA; a hospitality suite; room parties; interesting conversations with other fans and professionals; and a relaxed atmosphere for visiting old friends and meeting new friends.

The Washington Science Fiction Association's Small Press Award short list is now out. The winner of this award will be announced at Capclave.

I am told Capclave has a very nice line up of stories this year.  If you live in the area and love reading, this is one convention you won't want to miss.


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Registration Is Back Up for NADWCon 2013

As many of you know, registration for NADWCon 2013 closed down on July 29th.  This led to rumors at the Chicon7 World Science Fiction and Fantasy convention and elsewhere that this con was not going to happen after all. Happily, the Seamstress Guild was throwing one of their infamous (excuse me) famous Discworld Parties at Chicon7 and they were able to counter those rumors.*

Missy Hayes, the Director of the North American Seamstress Guild, as able to take con registrations at Chicon7 by using her smart phone and paper registration forms.  (Seamstress can do it any way that works, my friends, including going Old School at need).

This put Missy at some personal financial risk, so I would especially like to thank her and all of her team for throwing such a great party and supporting the con when the chips were down.  Well done, ladies and gentlemen!  I'm sure that the organizers appreciate all your efforts on their behalf. 
I received word last night from the Chair that the Baltimore ConCom has fixed the problem and their on-line registration page is now once again active. ** 

I'm sure that he would want me to thank all of the Discworld fans who've been waiting for months to buy tickets to this con for their patience and support.  You folks have been grand. 

You can register for NADWCon 2013 via the website.  The $88 price will be in effect for a short time only, so if you want the lowest price now is a good time to buy your tickets.


* I did my own, small bit here for the cause at this blog in order to keep the fans informed and the Chair posted an update on the NADWCon site in late September.

** I waited to announce this because we heard that there were still a flew glitches as of last night but the their registration page seems to be working well as of this morning.

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