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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Honored Guests at NADWCon

 Below you'll find notes on the Guests of Honor who will be speaking on panels and partying with us at NADWCon
Stephen Baxter
Jennifer Brehl, Senior Editor, Harper Collins
Esther Friesner 
 Anne Hoppe
Sandra Kidby from PJSM Prints 
Ian Mitchell, Reb Voyce and The Cunning Artificier himself, Bernard Pearson from The Discworld Emporium
Stephen Player
Sir Terry Pratchett
Colin Smythe
Rob Wilkins, Sir Terry's PA and a Man of Many Skills
Good friends like Pat Harkin will also be joining us along with many great fans from the UK and other places overseas.  The fan who seems to be traveling the furthest is coming from Shri Lanka.

Other Guests of Honor to be announced. 

See you there, 


Art: Death of Rats by Paul Kidby

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cutting Me Own Throat OR Arts & Crafts at NADWCon


I'm working on the schedule for our Arts & Crafts workshops at NADWCon and I've just approved two more workshops: Mask Making and Creature Making.

I love ma Crafty Folks, I do.

I had to settle two things with both the Steering Committee and the ConCom before I could speak further about this.  Everything is now in place so here we go:

Updates on Arts & Crafts at NADWCon 

Arts & Crafts Room:

We've decided to make one large room, The Ovation Room, dedicated to Arts and Crafts for the con.

a) This room is lovely and we'll lay down plastic protection for the carpet and tables.

b) It will allow teachers and students to keep their materials in once place.

c) It is close to the Coffee Bar and the Costumer's Dungeon. You're welcome. (1)
$5 for Arts & Crafts workshops and $3.00 for Face Painting, and that's cutting our own throats.

We've decided that all arts & crafts workshops at this con will have a small materials fee attached. We are doing this for several reasons

a) We need to find a way to pay for the materials for these workshops. The con's budget is small and we have a lot of workshops we want to offer.

b) When people pay to attend a workshop, they generally show up for it.  I don't want our artists to offer these excellent workshop only to find them half full on the day, thus disappointing both the instructors and those left out who really wanted to come.

We're making up "The Way Of NADWCon" as we go along: 

As Mrs. Cosmopolite would say, "Money doesn't grow on thieves". (2)  In other words, we don't want to set a precedent that other NADWCons will have trouble following if they can't afford to offer free workshops of this type.

a) Setting up a small fee to cover materials allows every future NADWCon the ability to offer Discworld related arts & crafts if they wish.

b) Ideally, we'd like to offer the next NADWCon some seed money to grow *and* we're giving to two charities, so spending every dime we have on this one, isn't an option.

c) We think our attendees will find this reasonable. Membership fees barely cover the cost of all the other fabulous free stuff they are getting, and they know this.
Workshops will be limited to 10 - 30 attendees: 

Sign up sheets will be at the desk and attendance is on a first come, first served basis.

I would like to say a special  thanks Margie, our Volunteer Coordinator, a member of our Steering Committee, and an experienced event organizer for her advice re this.

See you there,

Have glue gun, will travel 

 (1) Just between us:  c. wasn't really a factor.  I'm a Seamstress, after all; buying and selling love is our business.

(2) I may have heard that wrong.

Photo: Mask of Bast, the Egyptian Cat Goddess
  (You knew I'd sneak a cat in there somehow)

Updated: 7/1/2011

Friday, May 27, 2011

Fair Madison OR What To Do In Wisconsin

We know that some of our  NADWCon attendees - especially those involved in Set Up and Take Down (Yours Truly among them) - will arrive early to the convention site, and stay a day or two  past the closing of the con.  If you are wondering what to do in this fair city, we've posted a short list of things we think you might enjoy on our Travel and Tourism List.  Here is one event you won't want to miss:
Art Fair On the Square 

Organized by the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, Art Fair on the Square features music, entertainment, and outdoor dining, as well as fine works of art in mixed media, ceramics, drawings, graphics, prints, fiber, leather, furniture, glass, jewelry, metal, paintings, photographs, sculpture, 3D mixed media, and wood.

Hummm.... Let me rephrase that. Attendees really can't miss it. I'm not even sure we can avoid it  and who would want to? They'll have micro-brews, belly dancers, food carts; all the glories of Ankh Morpork right in our convention's backyard.  The fair attracts over 20,000 people a year and takes place in the beautiful park just across the street from the convention hotel the very same weekend we'll be in town.   More fun for us, then.

Did I mention that I'll be needing coffee? (1)

Oook? Oook ... Oook! Oook! Oook! 

Jon, our Vice Chair, has noted that Madison's (free) Henry Vilas Zoo has just welcome a new Bornean Orangutan named Datu to it's updated and enlarged Orangutan Pavilion just in time to welcome 1,000 Discworld Fans. He (the Orangutan, not Jon) found his way to Madison as part of the Species Survival Plan. You can see photos of Datu on the Zoo's Facebook Page

Garden lovers:

Don't forget to visit the Olbrich Botanical Gardens

I also recommend this Best of Madison Guide from Trip Adviser. 

More information on visiting Wisconsin can be found here.

Flying Into Chicago?

Chicago's airport, as well as it's fabulous restaurants, nightlife and museums, are about three to four hours drive from Madison.  Vacationers can enjoy the immensity of the Windy City and then join us at NADWCon while we party in the delightful City of Four Lakes.

Road Trip!  

Looking to share a ride? Here is our Ride Share List 

See you there,


(1) Igor! An intravenous drip, if you please.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Koffee Klatches and Author Readings at NADWCon

Do you prefer coffee or tea first thing in the morning? Consider this one carefully ....

Whenever I land in a new city I seek out the Dibbler running the best Koffee Kart.  Coming from the Pacific Northwest I am rather ....picky... about this.  Try finding verified shade grown, organic, fair trade, hand roasted Peaberry in town that loves it Folgers and you'll know what I mean.  (One of these days, I'm going to make finding this a game. Discworld fans can find anything).  Madison is a cosmopolitan city so I should have no trouble, right? ....Right?!!??

Knowing where to find your favorite beverage is doubly important at NADWCon because our Discworld Kaffee Clatch is BYOB. (1)

My colleague Emily describes it this way:

Klatch: A desert country on a continent of the same name, known for its extremely strong coffee.

Kaffee: How Captain Carrot spells coffee in his letters home

Kaffee Klatch: A small selection of Discworld fans lucky enough to score a seat at a cozy chat with honored guests  (2)

Participants Will Include: Stephen Baxter, Jennifer Brehl, Rod Brown, Esther Friesner, Anne Hope, Ian Mitchell & Reb Voyce (Discworld Emporium) Elizabeth Moon, Bernard Pearson, Stephen Player , Kristine Smith, Colin Symthe, Rob Wiklins and other Honored Guests

Please note: This list can change. A final list will be in your Pocket Program.  ALSO Updates will be posted at the con itself at the Boards of White. (3)

Author Readings 

We are fortunate in our friends. Among these are noted authors like Stephen Baxter, Esther Friesner, Kristine Smith and Elizabeth Moon, writers who have graciously accepted our request that they read from their lastest works during the convention.   

Rob Wilkins and Terry will also offer our guests a reading from Terry's latest work, Snuff

Reading with Rob – This Time, with Footnotes!
Rob Wilkins often acts as Terry's unofficial voice as he fields emails and inquiries from fans – now come and hear him actually voice some of Terry's work as he reads selections from Snuff, chosen by The Man Himself. Incidentally, The Man Himself will also be on hand, ready to offer on-the-spot insights into the passages being shared.
See you there


Photo: Terry and Rob taken by Yours Truly during their reading at NADWCon 2009. 

(1) I'm look'n at you Red Ribboners. 

(2) Attendees will sign up in advance for the Kaffee Klatches. Sign Up sheets will be available at the Information Desk on the day before the Klatch and will remain available until the Information Desk closes that night. If more than twelve people sign up for a Klatch, a random drawing will be used to select the lucky dozen and announcements posted The Boards of White and near the Kaffee Klatch room. 

(3) Much as I love my tech there is an amazing amount you can do with some 3x5 cards and a white board.  Yeah, I said it: Old School Still Has Rocks In.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wearing the Lilac on The Glorious 25th of May

The scent rolled over him.
He looked up.
Overhead, a lilac tree was in bloom.
He stared.
Damn! Damn! DAMN! Every year he forgot. Well no. He never forgot. He just put the memories away, like old silverware that you didn't want to tarnish. And every year they came back, sharp and sparkling, and stabbed him in the heart. And today of all days...
He reached up, and his hand trembled as he grasped a bloom and gently broke the stem. He sniffed at it. He stood for a moment, staring at nothing.'
 - Night Watch by Terry Pratchett - A review by A.S. Byatt 

Today is the Glorious 25th of May, a day when Discworld fans all over the world wear the lilac in honor of Terry Pratchett and help raise money for Alzheimer's research.  (1)

The Alzheimer's Research Trust is one of our two NADWCon charities. You can make a donation to honor Terry at the link or at the con itself. 

 Wishing all here "Truth, Justice, Freedom, Reasonably-Priced Love and a Hard Boiled Egg."

When our splendid NADWCon gathering is done, people will be asking, "Were you there?"  What will you say?


(1) For fans of Douglas Adams it is also Towel Day.

It is also Geek Pride Day so get your geek on. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Show Runners for NADWCon


I just got back in town.  While on the road last week I handled over 700 emails for NADWCon and did one or two things for my pesky day job.  Have laptop, is forced to travel in some of the most beautiful country in these United States. Lawks! 

I came rather late to this NADWCon 2011 programming gig, offering my services to the ConCom in November of 2010 when it seemed they were short-handed.  When I accepted the job, I told the Con Committee in Wisconsin that I would organize their program before the convention but that I could not commit to act as the Show Runner during the con.  This is why: My mother - AKA The Amazing Mom - is elderly and in frail health. While she continues to enjoy her hobbies, friends, and independence, and while she volunteers at her local hospital three times a week "to help out the old folks", she has also been in and out of the hospital herself these last two years. Last Thursday she ended up in the E.R. (She's fine, now, thanks, but she thinks I missed a weed or two in her garden). The Amazing Mom is one tough lady. She never whines or complains, she just "gets on with it".  I am very proud to be her daughter.  Anyone who has an elderly loved one will know what this roller coaster is like.  So...just in cast I can't be there with you at NADWCon, a Show Runner will be appointed to handle programming needs during the convention.  

If I do make it to NADWCon both my husband and I will give the organizers any help we can. The Show Runner(s) will be in charge of making changes to the program schedule during the con itself, making sure that the fans know what's going on in real time, and seeing that everyone and everything is in it's proper place.  I've recommended that they choose someone local; someone who knows the other ConCom members, the hotel, the town, etc. I ask that you please give them your full support.

Update 1:32 PM As I've said, I think it should be someone local but that's not set in stone. If you are coming to NADWCon, have the experience and want to put your hat(s) into the ring, write to 
Vice Chair - Jon Lemerond:

Here is where we currently stand: I am working with my friend, colleague and Ace Scheduler, Marilyn B. (2) to put together NADWCon's program. We have the aid of Emily W., NADWCon's former Vice Chair and Programming Wiz, and Jon, the current Vice Chair.  Most of the design, organization and scheduling of the program will be done before the con begins. (3)  

As of this writing, I have my tickets and hotel reservations and fully plan to attend.  

The Vice Chair, will announce the name(s) of the Winconsin Show Runner(s) this week. You'll know more when I do.  

Program ideas and suggestions? Offers of help? You can reach me at

Mom says "hello". She wonders if you're eating right.  Are you sure you don't need a sweater?  When you're done with that book, she'd like to borrow it.  

Hoping this finds you well and happy,


(1) I try to get back to everyone within three working days. If I missed anyone's email, please let me know. 

(2) Marilyn is a former software engineer with NASA. While I can make an Excell spreedsheet run, she can make it sing for it's supper and do the dishes, after.  

(3) Emily W. is working again, this year as the NADWCon Honored guest Liaison.

.......Has anyone seen a Quantum Butterfly lurking about? 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Guards! Guards! The New Discworld Board Game at NADWCon


I give you details on the new Discworld board game, Guards! Guards!, which will premier in the U.S. at NADWCon.

Illustrations for the game were created by artist Stephen Player, a long time Discworld fan, who will be with us in Wisconsin.  He currently teaches at the School of Illustration in San Francisco.

Stephen Player was born in England in 1965. He acquired a first-class honors illustration degree in London in 1985. Since then, Stephen has enjoyed a thriving freelance career. His work has been used in advertising, television, film, promotion, and over one hundred books. These books are mostly in the sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and children's genres, as well as graphic novels. Stephen is a winner of the British Sci-Fi and Fantasy Association Award, received a Substantial Contribution to Children's Literacy Award, and received a Sheffield Children's Book Award. Stephen has been exibited widely across Europe. He has been teaching at Academy of Art University since 2001.

A gallery of the wonderful work by Mr. Player for Discworld maps and books can be found at his website.



Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Queen Elizabeth and Terry Pratchett at Trinity College

Noted author, NADWCon 2009 speaker and Pratchett friend Diane Duane has posted video and photos (1) of Queen Elizabeth being greeted by (Sir and Prof.) Terry Pratchett, Terry's right hand, Rob Wilkins, and Colin Smythe, the gentleman who published the first Discworld books, among others, at Trinity College, Dublin during the Queen's recent visit to Ireland.

Both Rob and Colin will be with us again at NADWCon 2011 as presenters (and party goers) as they were in 2009, along with that guy in the black hat.  Sadly, Diane and her charming husband, writer Peter Morwood, (2) will not be joining us this year. Peter and Diane, you will be missed.



(1) I've been having trouble with that link on blogger so here is the full web address to the video link at Diane's blog:

(2) Peter and my husband were part of small group of weather-hardy souls standing with me late one night under the eves of the Tempe hotel courtyard at NADWCon 2009 all happily watching a marvelous Arizona thunderstorm while the lads told us gruesome tails of death by lightning.  Much fun was had.

Related Articles: 

Queen Taken by history of Irish college with royal connection

Monday, May 16, 2011

Orangutans at NADWCon

Updated: June 14, 2011

As many of you know, our NADWCon Discworld auction benefits two charities very close to Terry's heart: The Orangutan Foundation and the Alzeheimer's Research Trust.  The Discworld Librarian has many fans.  Knowing this, we've scheduled a special Morpork Mob event, an Orangutan Talk at the Henry Vilas Zoo: 

Meet the Librarian - A Trip to the Henry Vilas Zoo
We’ve arranged for a  special presentation for our attendees on Orangutans to be held at the Zoo.The hotel will bus 24 people to the zoo. Sign up sheets are at the desk. We encourage others who would like to go to drive there (It is 5 to 10 minute drive from the con hotel). The zoo is free.

Sign Up Sheets required for Bus. First come, first served. 

Time & Day To Be Announced  
Mely's Story

Here is a story about Mely, an rescued Orangutan. After being chained up for 15 years she finally got a friend, and her happy ending.
She hadn't felt the touch of another orangutan since the day her mother was cruelly snatched from her more than 15 years ago.  So when Mely — the orangutan rescued thanks to the generosity of Daily Mail readers after a lifetime in  shackles — met fellow orphan Nicky there was plenty of catching up to do. They stared at each other with inquisitive brown eyes before reaching out for a hug.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I Heart Discworld Fans

Neil Gaiman has famously said that Terry has some of the nicest fans you'll ever meet.   I can attest to that, as can the folks who attended NADWCon in 2009. Again and again we heard how friendly people were, how helpful, and what a joyful, almost giddy, spirit infused this gathering.  People who had been to many different types of conventions told us that the "feel" of this one was different. Again, I can attest to that. It felt more welcoming, more like a big village on May Day,  one filled with "oddly polite" folks all having a great time. (1)

Since the last newsletter came out many people have written to Neil, our Volunteer Coordinator saying, "I'm coming, how can I help?" or  they've written to me ( saying, "I have such and such a skill, can you use me?".

You betcha.

I've just scheduled a English Country Dancing class for y'all thanks to the kind offer of a dance teacher/DW fan. Thanks, Erin!

Other talented, experienced and knowledgeable folks are coming forward to speak on panels, offer workshops and add to our collection of arts and crafts events.

So, yes, I heart Discworld fans. They're fun, they have excellent manners (don't laugh, this matters a lot, especially to that Guy in the Black Hat) and they have many skills.

It is a privilege and a pleasure to work with you folks.  Thank you.

See you there,


(1) I kept hearing this again and again. "They're all so *nice*" said newcomers, often expressed in a tone of wonder.  Yeah, they are. Go figure.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Is That A Duck On Your Head Or Are You Just Glad To See Me?

Confirmed: A Morpork Mob (1) costuming event for you Early Birds.

Is That A Duck On Your Head?
A local costume shop will be hosting a dress up party for about 30 of our staff, volunteers and other early arrivals. This is your opportunity to get that last minute piece for your costume, or just have a great time dressing up in all sorts of different garb from varying historical times and realities.
Sign up at the front desk for this event. First come, first served.
Lead: Raven Albrecht
When Thursday the 7th, Evening
Where: Ravenworks Costume Shop

We'll have more info on this when you arrive.

See you there,


(1) Morpork Mob events are group events we've added this this year's convention program.  Stay tuned for more including, perhaps, an intent to commit Morris Dancing. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

NADWCon's May Newsletter Is Out OR The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret

The May Newsletter for NADWCon is out.

Here is an excerpt from the section on Programming:

There’s more to the Discworld than just partying (not that that’s a bad thing).
If you’re not praying to Bilious, the Oh God of Hangovers, come out and play at our workshops or debate the finer and funnier points of Discworld at one of our panels.

Our Programming Director (1) is enlisting fun loving people to offer panels, workshops, games, game shows, arts & crafts and various Morpork Mob activies.  Some of these will be led by our Honored Guests (see website for a list of Who's Who).

Would you like to make a make a Sock Mac Feegle, go hat-to-hat against Granny Weatherwax in a Discworld quiz, watch Discworld movies or play game shows hosted by C.M.O.T Dibbler and Moist Von Lipwig?  Crivens! Come on down!

Attendees can try their hand at running Ankh Morpork (a brand new Discworld game being introduced at this convention), enter our Thud! tournament, compete in one of our game shows or show off their costumes. Find fame, make friends and win prizes. Above all, have fun.

Other programming items will include Panels and Round Robins on such topics as
* Discworld science & technology (with a left turn into Steampunk)
* Nanny Sutra: Sex, Food & Discworld
* The Discworld Beastiary
* The Women of Discworld
* Calling All Igors - a writing panel
* L-space & Beyond: Discworld Around the Web
* A Good Omens movie talk by Terry & friends
* Extra, Extra: Hear what it’s like to be work on the set of a Discworld movie
* An Artist’s Panel with Stephen Player & friends
* Bringing Roundworld to Discworld: featuring the folks who make the fabulous Discworld artifacts.
* Performances of Wyrd Sisters
* Talks by the Thieves Guild
* Costuming workshops
* The infamous Seamstress Guild parties (every night in a different city!)
* Cheese tastings (unless the Feegles get there first)
* Dress up parties

We also plan to commit Morris Dancing and paint a face or two.

To see our growing list of Program Events, visit:

Denise  (known to previous convention goers as Mrs. Palm, the lady behind the fabulous Seamstress Guild party that opened the 2009 convention) is seeking volunteers to assist with programming. Do you have suggestions for workshops, panels, games or other ideas for programming at NADWCon? Can you offer a workshop, serve on a panel or run a game? Can you moderate a panel?  If so, contact her directly at
This is a great way to meet people, including our Honored and Very Special Guests.

For a look behind the scenes and a chance to put in your two cents as we build our program, visit Denise’s convention blog: It Bodes

You can also follow our Discworld adventures on Twitter via @nadwcon and @ItBodes, among others.  The subject hashtags are #nadwcon and #discworld
  (1) AKA D'niece AKA Dj, your humble blogger.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Extra! Extra! Behind the scenes on the Discworld movie sets

New panel confirmed:
Extra! Extra!
Come chat with the lucky folks who were involved in the filming of The Colour of Magic and Going Postal as extras and assistants and those who held other positions both before or behind-the-camera. You’ll hear what it was really like to put Pratchett on film, including how “False Wizards Must Die” became “All Lizards Must Fly,” how no given crowd can ever successfully count to three on camera, and other strange and amazing anecdotes. If we're lucky, Pat Harkin will also show photos taken on the set.
Dr. Pat Harkin, our hilarious Charity Auctioneer and one of our esteemed Maskerade judges, is well known to those of us lucky enough to  attend Discworld conventions in the UK as well as those who attended the first NADWCon in 2009  We are delighted that he has chosen to fly all the way out from Britain and party with us again. Dr. Harkin has an amazing mind and a dry English wit to go with it. It is no wonder, then, that he is friends with that guy in the black hat. Here is he on BBC television. 

Trust me on this, you won't want to miss his events.

See you there,



Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to all the Kelda of the Discworld

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing Kelda on the Disc! We hope you have a wonderful day with no tapp'n o the feet or fold'n o' the arms but with lots of joy and appreciation for all the love and care, learning and fun you give to your tribe. 
This goes for you moms with fur kids, as well. 

Friday, May 6, 2011

Moist Von Lipwig comes to NADWCon

Confirmed: A new game show for NADWCon
Appeal or no Appeal
A Game show event hosted by Moist Von Lipwig. Swap your mystery package with other contestants or make a deal with the shadowy “Banker” to win fabulous prizes.
You've been warned. 


Old money' meant that it had been made so long ago that the black deeds that had originally filled the coffers were now historically irrelevant. Funny, that; a brigand for a father was something you kept quiet about, but a slave-taking pirate for a great-great-great-grandfather was something to boast of over the port. Time turned the evil bastards into rogues, and rogue was a word with a twinkle in its eye and nothing to be ashamed of.
- Making Money 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wyrd Sisters at NADWCon

"It's all very well calling for Eye of Newt but do you mean Common, Spotted or Great Crested?" - Wyrd Sisters 

I am pleased to announce that The Cromulent Shakespeare Company will present a stage performance of Wyrd Sisters at NADWCon.

Three performances (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) of Wyrd Sisters are currently scheduled. Expect drama, comedy, romance, and little audience participation.

If you spy three Witches sitting in the front row, do not, I repeat, do not, ask them to remove their hats.

See you there,


On another note: Happy Cinco de Mayo to all here.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

L-Space and Beyond: Discworld on the Web

Should we have a panel that tours the Discworld Web?

Posted below is just a fraction of what you can find on-line. I've shameslessly snaked some links to some of my favorite pages; these come from a fantasic site called L-Space which was created by Leo Breebart and is maintained by that gentleman with the aid of the L-Space Librarians.  (1) More info on this brave and dedicated band can be found here.

Click here to see the baby Orangutan they've sponsored.

Comments? Suggestions? Would you be able to serve on such a panel? Write to me a 

See you there, 

A Taste of L-Space

  • The Pratchett Quote File 6.0
    The Pratchett Quote File (or PQF) is a collection of one-liners, catchphrases, general quotes, pieces of dialogue, and running gags, all culled from Terry Pratchett's novels and other writings. It also contains a selection of quotes from his articles to, which are to the best of my knowledge not available anywhere else. The PQF can also be downloaded as a text file or as an Acrobat PDF file from the Terry Pratchett Archives.
  • The Discworld Timeline
    In what year was Cohen the Barbarian born? When did Small Gods occur? Attempts to answer these, and other, questions finally culminated in The Discworld Timeline - an ongoing project to define exactly what happened and when.
  • Analysis
    Featuring essays, term papers, theses, or indeed any analytical work, based upon the books and writings of Terry Pratchett.
  • Synopses
    This section contains comprehensive summaries of The Discworld Series as submitted by fans.
  • The Discworld Who's Who
    A work-in-progress (well, more of a work-that-has-never-been-finished, frankly), this is a collection of descriptions and images for Terry's characters, by Robert Collier.
  • Death Lists
    Lists of all the characters who have died on the Discworld. The point is to enjoy and marvel at this labour of love, not to ask annoying questions such as "Why?".
  • Book Cover Art
    This section contains scans of many of the various Discworld book covers.
  • Where's My Cow
    Terry was asked some questions concerning the cow - the answers can be found here.
  • Theatre of Cruelty
    A short story by Terry, set in Ankh-Morpork. We have the original, as well as translations into many different languages available.
  • Death and What Comes Next
    A short story by Terry, about when Death met a philosopher. We have the original and intend to compile as many different translations as possible.
  • Book Signing Tours
    A direct link to the latest information concerning Terry's signing tours.
  • Beyond the page
    Details of plays, TV productions, radio adaptations and more.

External Links
Following these links will take you to external web sites that are not part of the L-Space Web itself.
Update via Dj 5/9/2011 
Note: This book can be very hard to find.  I've just been told that one copy is for sale here:


    Art: The Discworld Librarian by Paul Kidby.  Did you know that you can buy this piece as a jigsaw puzzle?

    (1) Hummmm.  They've just sent me a text which reads, "We can see your house from here." What do you suppose that means?

    Monday, May 2, 2011

    Bringing Discworld To Roundworld

    We will be offering a panel at NADWCon on Bringing the Discworld to the Roundworld.  This will be a panel discussion about the Discworld "artefacts", maps, images and collectables  and what it took to bring the Discworld to life. Many of the Discworld images we love are by Paul Kidby and Bernard Pearson.   On hand will be representatives of PJSM Prints, a company that represents many of Mr. Kidby's Discworld works. Also present: The Cunning Artificer himself. Bernard Pearson, and his partners at the Discworld Emporium.  Before he started the DW Emporium Mr. Pearson worked at Clarecraft the company that made so many wonderful Discworld figurines.

    If you haven't already discovered these books, or, if you need a gift for a Discworld fan, I think you'll like these books:

    Art of Discworld by Mr. Paul Kidby

     In THE ART OF DISCWORLD, Terry Pratchett takes us on a guided tour of the Discworld, courtesy of his favourite Discworld artist, Paul Kidby. Following on from THE LAST HERO, THE ART OF DISCWORLD is a lavish 112-page large format, sumptuously illustrated look at all things Discworldian. Terry Pratchett provides the written descriptions while Paul Kidby illustrates the world that has made Pratchett one of the best-selling authors of all time. Here you will find favourites old and new: the City Watch, including Vimes, Carrot and Angua, the three witches - Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg and Magrat Garlick - and the denizens of the Unseen University Library, not forgetting the Librarian, of course: they're all here in sumptuous colour, together with the places: Ankh-Morpork, Lancre, Uberwald and more ...No Discworld fan will want to be without this beautiful gift book.

    and The Last Hero, an illustrated "Discworld fable" by Terry Pratchett and Paul Kidby

    A new Discworld story is always an event. Terry Pratchett's The Last Hero is unusually short, a 40,000-word "Discworld Fable" rather than a full novel, but is illustrated throughout in sumptuous color by Paul Kidby.
    The 160 pages cover the series' longest and most awesome (but still comic) journey yet, a mission to save all Discworld from a new threat. An old threat, actually. Aged warrior Cohen the Barbarian has decided to go out with a bang and take the gods with him. So, with the remnants of his geriatric Silver Horde, he's climbing to the divine retirement home Dunmanifestin with the Discworld equivalent of a nuke--a fifty-pound keg of Agatean Thunder Clay. This will, for excellent magical reasons, destroy the world.
    It's up to Leonard of Quirm, Discworld's da Vinci, to invent the technology that might just beat Cohen to his goal. His unlikely vessel is powered by dragons, crewed by himself and two popular regular characters, and secretly harbors a stowaway. Before long we hear the Discworld version of "Houston, we have a problem...."
    Kidby rises splendidly to the challenge of painting both funny faces and cosmic vistas. As Pratchett puts it, The Last Hero "has an extra dimension: some parts of it are written in paint!" New characters include Evil Dark Lord Harry Dread, who started out with "just two lads and his Shed of Doom," and a god so tiresome that his worshippers are forbidden chocolate, ginger, mushrooms and garlic.
    Pratchett's story alone is strong and effective, with several hair-raising frissons contrasting with high comedy; Kidby's paintings make it something very special. Not to be missed.

    I also recommend a visit to Mr. Kidby's website. which features the whole range of his art work.  



    Sunday, May 1, 2011

    Sleeping (?) Arrangments: The NADWCon hotels

    Mrs. Palm would like to point out that sleeping arrangements organized on anything less than a purely business basis are none of her concern but she thought you all should know that the convention hotel's regular rooms are Sold Out.  Not to worry: We have opened up rooms at another local hotel due to popular demand (a circumstance the Seamstress Guild is well acquainted with).  More information on the NADWCon hotel arrangements can be found below and at the official website:

    Looking for a roommate to share expenses? There's a page for that.

    NADWCon 2011 Hotel(s) 

    Our selection of regular rooms at the Concourse have all been booked!
    Governor's Club rooms are still available at our special rate, but regular rooms at The Concourse
    are now at their usual rate if you want to stay in the same hotel as the NADWCon 2011 events.
    To reserve your hotel room(s) at the Concourse online please go to:
    Madison Concourse Hotel
    1 West Dayton Street
    Madison, Wisconsin 53703
    However, we have booked a new block of rooms at neighboring hotel for a special rate!
    The Double Tree by Hilton
    525 W. Johnson St
    Madison, Wisconsin 53703

    608-251-5511 - Be sure to mention N.A.D.
    Any questions regarding the hotel can be sent to

    Rest well, my friends. Mrs Palm thinks you will be needing all the sleep you can get.

    On another, but not entirely unrelated note, Happy May Day to all here.  Discworld May Day celebrations in Wincanton, site of the famous Discworld Emporium, are going on as we speak.

    Friends, o friends, the Morris cometh this way,
    On the 1st and 2nd of May,
    So bring bell and whistle, cider and stick,
    Drink and dance and make yourselves sick.
    For to hew on the pavement, to hew on the lawn,
    To thrash with the sticks from midnight til dawn,
    Is to see the old ways walk again in the land,
    Is to take once again, old Adam in hand.’

    (B. Pearson)