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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sleeping (?) Arrangments: The NADWCon hotels

Mrs. Palm would like to point out that sleeping arrangements organized on anything less than a purely business basis are none of her concern but she thought you all should know that the convention hotel's regular rooms are Sold Out.  Not to worry: We have opened up rooms at another local hotel due to popular demand (a circumstance the Seamstress Guild is well acquainted with).  More information on the NADWCon hotel arrangements can be found below and at the official website:

Looking for a roommate to share expenses? There's a page for that.

NADWCon 2011 Hotel(s) 

Our selection of regular rooms at the Concourse have all been booked!
Governor's Club rooms are still available at our special rate, but regular rooms at The Concourse
are now at their usual rate if you want to stay in the same hotel as the NADWCon 2011 events.
To reserve your hotel room(s) at the Concourse online please go to:
Madison Concourse Hotel
1 West Dayton Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53703
However, we have booked a new block of rooms at neighboring hotel for a special rate!
The Double Tree by Hilton
525 W. Johnson St
Madison, Wisconsin 53703

608-251-5511 - Be sure to mention N.A.D.
Any questions regarding the hotel can be sent to

Rest well, my friends. Mrs Palm thinks you will be needing all the sleep you can get.

On another, but not entirely unrelated note, Happy May Day to all here.  Discworld May Day celebrations in Wincanton, site of the famous Discworld Emporium, are going on as we speak.

Friends, o friends, the Morris cometh this way,
On the 1st and 2nd of May,
So bring bell and whistle, cider and stick,
Drink and dance and make yourselves sick.
For to hew on the pavement, to hew on the lawn,
To thrash with the sticks from midnight til dawn,
Is to see the old ways walk again in the land,
Is to take once again, old Adam in hand.’

(B. Pearson)


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