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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Koffee Klatches and Author Readings at NADWCon

Do you prefer coffee or tea first thing in the morning? Consider this one carefully ....

Whenever I land in a new city I seek out the Dibbler running the best Koffee Kart.  Coming from the Pacific Northwest I am rather ....picky... about this.  Try finding verified shade grown, organic, fair trade, hand roasted Peaberry in town that loves it Folgers and you'll know what I mean.  (One of these days, I'm going to make finding this a game. Discworld fans can find anything).  Madison is a cosmopolitan city so I should have no trouble, right? ....Right?!!??

Knowing where to find your favorite beverage is doubly important at NADWCon because our Discworld Kaffee Clatch is BYOB. (1)

My colleague Emily describes it this way:

Klatch: A desert country on a continent of the same name, known for its extremely strong coffee.

Kaffee: How Captain Carrot spells coffee in his letters home

Kaffee Klatch: A small selection of Discworld fans lucky enough to score a seat at a cozy chat with honored guests  (2)

Participants Will Include: Stephen Baxter, Jennifer Brehl, Rod Brown, Esther Friesner, Anne Hope, Ian Mitchell & Reb Voyce (Discworld Emporium) Elizabeth Moon, Bernard Pearson, Stephen Player , Kristine Smith, Colin Symthe, Rob Wiklins and other Honored Guests

Please note: This list can change. A final list will be in your Pocket Program.  ALSO Updates will be posted at the con itself at the Boards of White. (3)

Author Readings 

We are fortunate in our friends. Among these are noted authors like Stephen Baxter, Esther Friesner, Kristine Smith and Elizabeth Moon, writers who have graciously accepted our request that they read from their lastest works during the convention.   

Rob Wilkins and Terry will also offer our guests a reading from Terry's latest work, Snuff

Reading with Rob – This Time, with Footnotes!
Rob Wilkins often acts as Terry's unofficial voice as he fields emails and inquiries from fans – now come and hear him actually voice some of Terry's work as he reads selections from Snuff, chosen by The Man Himself. Incidentally, The Man Himself will also be on hand, ready to offer on-the-spot insights into the passages being shared.
See you there


Photo: Terry and Rob taken by Yours Truly during their reading at NADWCon 2009. 

(1) I'm look'n at you Red Ribboners. 

(2) Attendees will sign up in advance for the Kaffee Klatches. Sign Up sheets will be available at the Information Desk on the day before the Klatch and will remain available until the Information Desk closes that night. If more than twelve people sign up for a Klatch, a random drawing will be used to select the lucky dozen and announcements posted The Boards of White and near the Kaffee Klatch room. 

(3) Much as I love my tech there is an amazing amount you can do with some 3x5 cards and a white board.  Yeah, I said it: Old School Still Has Rocks In.


1 comment:

  1. OK, I have no problem with bringing coffee. But to make proper Klatchian* coffee, you need freshly ground, freshly roasted beans. Does this mean I have to schlepp around a grinder, electric kettle, and french press?
    It's a good thing we're driving, not flying!

    *or Cleveland coffee, at least. I live within walking distance of a great coffee shop that gets beans the same day they're roasted, so I'm a bit spoiled.