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Monday, May 23, 2011

Show Runners for NADWCon


I just got back in town.  While on the road last week I handled over 700 emails for NADWCon and did one or two things for my pesky day job.  Have laptop, is forced to travel in some of the most beautiful country in these United States. Lawks! 

I came rather late to this NADWCon 2011 programming gig, offering my services to the ConCom in November of 2010 when it seemed they were short-handed.  When I accepted the job, I told the Con Committee in Wisconsin that I would organize their program before the convention but that I could not commit to act as the Show Runner during the con.  This is why: My mother - AKA The Amazing Mom - is elderly and in frail health. While she continues to enjoy her hobbies, friends, and independence, and while she volunteers at her local hospital three times a week "to help out the old folks", she has also been in and out of the hospital herself these last two years. Last Thursday she ended up in the E.R. (She's fine, now, thanks, but she thinks I missed a weed or two in her garden). The Amazing Mom is one tough lady. She never whines or complains, she just "gets on with it".  I am very proud to be her daughter.  Anyone who has an elderly loved one will know what this roller coaster is like.  So...just in cast I can't be there with you at NADWCon, a Show Runner will be appointed to handle programming needs during the convention.  

If I do make it to NADWCon both my husband and I will give the organizers any help we can. The Show Runner(s) will be in charge of making changes to the program schedule during the con itself, making sure that the fans know what's going on in real time, and seeing that everyone and everything is in it's proper place.  I've recommended that they choose someone local; someone who knows the other ConCom members, the hotel, the town, etc. I ask that you please give them your full support.

Update 1:32 PM As I've said, I think it should be someone local but that's not set in stone. If you are coming to NADWCon, have the experience and want to put your hat(s) into the ring, write to 
Vice Chair - Jon Lemerond:

Here is where we currently stand: I am working with my friend, colleague and Ace Scheduler, Marilyn B. (2) to put together NADWCon's program. We have the aid of Emily W., NADWCon's former Vice Chair and Programming Wiz, and Jon, the current Vice Chair.  Most of the design, organization and scheduling of the program will be done before the con begins. (3)  

As of this writing, I have my tickets and hotel reservations and fully plan to attend.  

The Vice Chair, will announce the name(s) of the Winconsin Show Runner(s) this week. You'll know more when I do.  

Program ideas and suggestions? Offers of help? You can reach me at

Mom says "hello". She wonders if you're eating right.  Are you sure you don't need a sweater?  When you're done with that book, she'd like to borrow it.  

Hoping this finds you well and happy,


(1) I try to get back to everyone within three working days. If I missed anyone's email, please let me know. 

(2) Marilyn is a former software engineer with NASA. While I can make an Excell spreedsheet run, she can make it sing for it's supper and do the dishes, after.  

(3) Emily W. is working again, this year as the NADWCon Honored guest Liaison.

.......Has anyone seen a Quantum Butterfly lurking about? 

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