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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

L-Space and Beyond: Discworld on the Web

Should we have a panel that tours the Discworld Web?

Posted below is just a fraction of what you can find on-line. I've shameslessly snaked some links to some of my favorite pages; these come from a fantasic site called L-Space which was created by Leo Breebart and is maintained by that gentleman with the aid of the L-Space Librarians.  (1) More info on this brave and dedicated band can be found here.

Click here to see the baby Orangutan they've sponsored.

Comments? Suggestions? Would you be able to serve on such a panel? Write to me a 

See you there, 

A Taste of L-Space

  • The Pratchett Quote File 6.0
    The Pratchett Quote File (or PQF) is a collection of one-liners, catchphrases, general quotes, pieces of dialogue, and running gags, all culled from Terry Pratchett's novels and other writings. It also contains a selection of quotes from his articles to, which are to the best of my knowledge not available anywhere else. The PQF can also be downloaded as a text file or as an Acrobat PDF file from the Terry Pratchett Archives.
  • The Discworld Timeline
    In what year was Cohen the Barbarian born? When did Small Gods occur? Attempts to answer these, and other, questions finally culminated in The Discworld Timeline - an ongoing project to define exactly what happened and when.
  • Analysis
    Featuring essays, term papers, theses, or indeed any analytical work, based upon the books and writings of Terry Pratchett.
  • Synopses
    This section contains comprehensive summaries of The Discworld Series as submitted by fans.
  • The Discworld Who's Who
    A work-in-progress (well, more of a work-that-has-never-been-finished, frankly), this is a collection of descriptions and images for Terry's characters, by Robert Collier.
  • Death Lists
    Lists of all the characters who have died on the Discworld. The point is to enjoy and marvel at this labour of love, not to ask annoying questions such as "Why?".
  • Book Cover Art
    This section contains scans of many of the various Discworld book covers.
  • Where's My Cow
    Terry was asked some questions concerning the cow - the answers can be found here.
  • Theatre of Cruelty
    A short story by Terry, set in Ankh-Morpork. We have the original, as well as translations into many different languages available.
  • Death and What Comes Next
    A short story by Terry, about when Death met a philosopher. We have the original and intend to compile as many different translations as possible.
  • Book Signing Tours
    A direct link to the latest information concerning Terry's signing tours.
  • Beyond the page
    Details of plays, TV productions, radio adaptations and more.

External Links
Following these links will take you to external web sites that are not part of the L-Space Web itself.
Update via Dj 5/9/2011 
Note: This book can be very hard to find.  I've just been told that one copy is for sale here:


    Art: The Discworld Librarian by Paul Kidby.  Did you know that you can buy this piece as a jigsaw puzzle?

    (1) Hummmm.  They've just sent me a text which reads, "We can see your house from here." What do you suppose that means?

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