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Friday, May 27, 2011

Fair Madison OR What To Do In Wisconsin

We know that some of our  NADWCon attendees - especially those involved in Set Up and Take Down (Yours Truly among them) - will arrive early to the convention site, and stay a day or two  past the closing of the con.  If you are wondering what to do in this fair city, we've posted a short list of things we think you might enjoy on our Travel and Tourism List.  Here is one event you won't want to miss:
Art Fair On the Square 

Organized by the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, Art Fair on the Square features music, entertainment, and outdoor dining, as well as fine works of art in mixed media, ceramics, drawings, graphics, prints, fiber, leather, furniture, glass, jewelry, metal, paintings, photographs, sculpture, 3D mixed media, and wood.

Hummm.... Let me rephrase that. Attendees really can't miss it. I'm not even sure we can avoid it  and who would want to? They'll have micro-brews, belly dancers, food carts; all the glories of Ankh Morpork right in our convention's backyard.  The fair attracts over 20,000 people a year and takes place in the beautiful park just across the street from the convention hotel the very same weekend we'll be in town.   More fun for us, then.

Did I mention that I'll be needing coffee? (1)

Oook? Oook ... Oook! Oook! Oook! 

Jon, our Vice Chair, has noted that Madison's (free) Henry Vilas Zoo has just welcome a new Bornean Orangutan named Datu to it's updated and enlarged Orangutan Pavilion just in time to welcome 1,000 Discworld Fans. He (the Orangutan, not Jon) found his way to Madison as part of the Species Survival Plan. You can see photos of Datu on the Zoo's Facebook Page

Garden lovers:

Don't forget to visit the Olbrich Botanical Gardens

I also recommend this Best of Madison Guide from Trip Adviser. 

More information on visiting Wisconsin can be found here.

Flying Into Chicago?

Chicago's airport, as well as it's fabulous restaurants, nightlife and museums, are about three to four hours drive from Madison.  Vacationers can enjoy the immensity of the Windy City and then join us at NADWCon while we party in the delightful City of Four Lakes.

Road Trip!  

Looking to share a ride? Here is our Ride Share List 

See you there,


(1) Igor! An intravenous drip, if you please.

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