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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

NADWCon's May Newsletter Is Out OR The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret

The May Newsletter for NADWCon is out.

Here is an excerpt from the section on Programming:

There’s more to the Discworld than just partying (not that that’s a bad thing).
If you’re not praying to Bilious, the Oh God of Hangovers, come out and play at our workshops or debate the finer and funnier points of Discworld at one of our panels.

Our Programming Director (1) is enlisting fun loving people to offer panels, workshops, games, game shows, arts & crafts and various Morpork Mob activies.  Some of these will be led by our Honored Guests (see website for a list of Who's Who).

Would you like to make a make a Sock Mac Feegle, go hat-to-hat against Granny Weatherwax in a Discworld quiz, watch Discworld movies or play game shows hosted by C.M.O.T Dibbler and Moist Von Lipwig?  Crivens! Come on down!

Attendees can try their hand at running Ankh Morpork (a brand new Discworld game being introduced at this convention), enter our Thud! tournament, compete in one of our game shows or show off their costumes. Find fame, make friends and win prizes. Above all, have fun.

Other programming items will include Panels and Round Robins on such topics as
* Discworld science & technology (with a left turn into Steampunk)
* Nanny Sutra: Sex, Food & Discworld
* The Discworld Beastiary
* The Women of Discworld
* Calling All Igors - a writing panel
* L-space & Beyond: Discworld Around the Web
* A Good Omens movie talk by Terry & friends
* Extra, Extra: Hear what it’s like to be work on the set of a Discworld movie
* An Artist’s Panel with Stephen Player & friends
* Bringing Roundworld to Discworld: featuring the folks who make the fabulous Discworld artifacts.
* Performances of Wyrd Sisters
* Talks by the Thieves Guild
* Costuming workshops
* The infamous Seamstress Guild parties (every night in a different city!)
* Cheese tastings (unless the Feegles get there first)
* Dress up parties

We also plan to commit Morris Dancing and paint a face or two.

To see our growing list of Program Events, visit:

Denise  (known to previous convention goers as Mrs. Palm, the lady behind the fabulous Seamstress Guild party that opened the 2009 convention) is seeking volunteers to assist with programming. Do you have suggestions for workshops, panels, games or other ideas for programming at NADWCon? Can you offer a workshop, serve on a panel or run a game? Can you moderate a panel?  If so, contact her directly at
This is a great way to meet people, including our Honored and Very Special Guests.

For a look behind the scenes and a chance to put in your two cents as we build our program, visit Denise’s convention blog: It Bodes

You can also follow our Discworld adventures on Twitter via @nadwcon and @ItBodes, among others.  The subject hashtags are #nadwcon and #discworld
  (1) AKA D'niece AKA Dj, your humble blogger.

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