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Thursday, May 12, 2011

I Heart Discworld Fans

Neil Gaiman has famously said that Terry has some of the nicest fans you'll ever meet.   I can attest to that, as can the folks who attended NADWCon in 2009. Again and again we heard how friendly people were, how helpful, and what a joyful, almost giddy, spirit infused this gathering.  People who had been to many different types of conventions told us that the "feel" of this one was different. Again, I can attest to that. It felt more welcoming, more like a big village on May Day,  one filled with "oddly polite" folks all having a great time. (1)

Since the last newsletter came out many people have written to Neil, our Volunteer Coordinator saying, "I'm coming, how can I help?" or  they've written to me ( saying, "I have such and such a skill, can you use me?".

You betcha.

I've just scheduled a English Country Dancing class for y'all thanks to the kind offer of a dance teacher/DW fan. Thanks, Erin!

Other talented, experienced and knowledgeable folks are coming forward to speak on panels, offer workshops and add to our collection of arts and crafts events.

So, yes, I heart Discworld fans. They're fun, they have excellent manners (don't laugh, this matters a lot, especially to that Guy in the Black Hat) and they have many skills.

It is a privilege and a pleasure to work with you folks.  Thank you.

See you there,


(1) I kept hearing this again and again. "They're all so *nice*" said newcomers, often expressed in a tone of wonder.  Yeah, they are. Go figure.

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