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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mrs Palm's Favorite John OR Meet John Kentner, Director of Programming

As my Dear Readers know, the Amazing Mom has some health issues and I was never sure if I could come to the convention or not.  As a result, I obtained (never you mind how)  a co-Director of Programing who I've been working with these last few months.  His name is John Kentner.

I say this as a happily married woman: I heart John Kentner.   He is experienced (I understate the case wildly by saying that), funny, calm, an excellent leader and a great guy to have in the trenches.  * He is, officially, Mrs Palm's favorite John. **

Where was I? Oh, yes.  I am happy to say that I will now be able to come after all but please note: 
 John Kentner will take the lead when he arrives on Thursday.  He will be acting Program Director and Show Runner for NADWCon during the convention. 
I will be assisting John and wearing my other hats, as well. 

I know that you are going to enjoy working with John as much as we have.  Please give him your full cooperation and support. 

Thank you, all, for helping us to make NADWCon so great.

Best regards,


* Get your minds out of gutter, people, my husband reads this blog. FYI: John's married to a beautiful redhead. Mrs. Palm knows better than to cross a ginger.

** Another favorite John of Mrs Palms is a 6'5" viking named John Allen.  You will meet him at the Skype talk and the Science panel.  Fair warning: You will also meet Marilyn, con scheduler, craft artist and John Allen's lovely wife. 

Photo: Bliss, our foster Momcat.  She is the supermodel of cats and, yes, her eyes really are that Granny Weatherwax blue.  Mom and kittens are doing very well.

Do you see that look? Be Warned: That is the look that I will give anyone who messes with Mrs Palm's favorite John. 

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