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Monday, July 4, 2011

Terry Pratchett talks about cheeseheads, blue urine and how trolls are people, too.

A lovely interview with Terry just appeared in a Madison, WI paper prior to NADWCon.

Novelist Terry Pratchett enjoys colossal fame in his home country as one of Britain's most prolific and best-selling authors. And there's no doubt that Sir Terry (he was knighted in 2009) and his fantastical Discworld novels have caught on across the pond.
Next weekend, the Madison Concourse will host the North American Discworld Convention 2011, an event that should attract nearly 1,000 fans of Pratchett's satirical fantasies. Many of his books are set on Discworld, which is, essentially, a disc that rests on the backs of four elephants. And the elephants happen to be standing on the back of a giant turtle.

Update: Today

Program Participant Schedules went out this morning to all concerned.  If you are volunteering on a panel, teaching a workshop, etc., and did not receive this, or if you have questions about your schedule,  write to me at

I am working on a number of con fronts and I catch a flight out at 4 am on Wednesday but I will answer all emails ASAP.

On another note: I posted this to the NADWCon Facebook page today after reading some humorous "suggestions":  
Mrs Palm was amazed to hear a story claiming that she had recently threatened to tear the arm off of anyone who tried to make yet another last minute change to the Program. She is, as you know, the very soul of courtesy. Who could *possibly* think that a lady of her standing might actually beat someone to death with their own appendage? She can't imagine how these rumors get started.*

Ankh Morpork or Bust!

See you there,


* Mrs Palm knows that the very thought that she would ever engage in violence is abhorrent to her Dear Readers, who, she is sure, see this terrific calumny as patently false. ** 

** She has people for that.

Photo: Detritus the Troll by Clarecraft found here

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