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Saturday, July 2, 2011

General Program Descriptions for NADWCon 2011

Confirmed Programming for NADWCon 2011

Confirmed Honored Guests:  Stephen Baxter; Jennifer Brehl; Esther Friesner; Anne Hoppe; Sandra Kidby; Ian Mitchell; Bernard Pearson; Stephen Player; Sir Terry Pratchett; Colin Smythe; Reb Voyce; Rob Wilkins

Other Authors of Note in Attendance: Kristine Smith, Patrick Rothfus

Please Note: Our Honored Guests and volunteer presenters appear on panels and workshops all over this convention. A full list of participants for each program item will appear in your convention program. You will receive both your large and pocket programs when you arrive. 

If you are on a panel or workshop as a Presenter, Instructor and/or or Key Player, you will receive a confirmation email with your schedule from me on Monday.   

Presenters, Instructors & Key Players: JoAnn Abbott, Raven Albrecht, Brianna Allen, Gweneth Allen, John Allen, Poppa Balloon, Marilyn Bunzo, Denise Connell, Jim Dietrich, Ray Friesen, Bobbee Gerson, Revelle Gerson, Dave Godwin, Sarah Goodman, Pam Gower, Matthew Gress, Eileen Hendriksen, Megan Hillary, Kathryn Hoppe, Jennifer Kelly, Brad Knight, Jon Lemerond, Dave Luecht, Ilyana Mansfield, Michael Mansfield, Rozalynd Mansfield, Caitlin Mills-Groninger, Patricia Leslie, Billy Medley, Brian Nesbit, Kevin O’Shea, Eric Peak, Dennis Pelton, Erin Prindiville, Patrick Rothfuss, Kris Russell, Kristine Smith, Marti Sterin, John Stott, Ryan Sutter, Jean Tillson, Fae Townsend, Martin Wallace, Chris Ward, Dave Ward,  John Wardale, Diane Young, Dr. Chad Yukus, Carl Zwanzig


Some Workshops will have a small materials fee in order to cover costs. 
Please read Cutting Me Own Throat OR Arts & Crafts at NADWCon 

Balloon Art for All Ages
Prepare to be amazed at the things you can do with balloons!* Watch the great Poppa Balloon twist balloons into shapes you never imagined possible. Get a free balloon creature (or other item). Fun for everyone!
*This program is suitable for all ages, so just stop with that right now.

Build Your Own Igor
Color, cut out and sew/glue together your own Igor! Arms, legs and brains can be traded with friends. For kids and adults alike.

Coloring the Discworld
Want to take a few minutes to sit down, relax, and commune with your inner child (or do an activity with your actual child)? Stop by the Arts & Crafts Room whenever it is not being used for programming, and you can add color to a variety of Discworldian coloring pages just waiting for you to exercise your creative flair.  Crayons will be provided.

Creature Making Workshop
Learn how to make your own Swamp Dragon, Feegle or other Discworld creature.

Size is limited. $5 for materials fee.  Sign up sheet is at the front desk. First come, first served.

Discworld Creature Masks & Armor Class
Using aluminum foil shaped into a mask that is then covered with layers of paper towels and brown paper, you can make troll masks, dwarf masks, and dragon masks as well as costume armor.

Size is limited. $5 for materials fee.  Sign up sheet is at the front desk. First come, first served.

Drawing Class
Staff Artist Ray Friesen teaches young and old alike how to draw using his unique, cartoony style.

Hedgehog Bead Jewelry Class.
Come and make a pair of adorable Hedgehog earrings or a Hedgehog necklace with the help of our beading instructor.  All materials will be supplied. No previous beading experience necessary.  

Size is limited. $5 for materials fee.  Sign up sheet is at the front desk. First come, first served.

Heraldry Class - Make Your Own Discworld Crest
Come fracture some Latin with us as we make our own Discworld family crests.
No drawing experience is necessary. All ages.  Hippos are extra.  

Size is limited. $5 for materials fee.  Sign up sheet is at the front desk. First come, first served.

Shamble Making Class
A shamble is a handmade device used by Discworld witch can assemble a shamble in a matter of seconds using stuff like strings, twigs, leaves, feathers, beads, coloured paper, an egg or even a beetle. The whole thing looks like a "cat's cradle", or some sort of nest made of rubbish.

We will have materials and tokens available to add to your shamble but you are welcome to bring some items of your own to add if you wish. 

Size is limited. $5 for materials fee.  Sign up sheet is at the front desk. First come, first served.

 ✔Renaissance, Fancy and Exotic Hair Braids.
Our instructor will teach attendees how to make ropes, 4-strand "round" braids, classic (3-strand) French and (3-strand) Dutch (or inverted-French or underhand) as well as a Crown braid (technically a horizontal modified (3-strand) French braid) and other advanced ideas like 5 and 7-strand fingering techniques; as well as shapes like hearts, spirals and a pullup-weave.  Tailored to the desires and abilities of the audience. BYOB or Bring Your Own Brush.

Size is limited. $5 for materials fee.  Sign up sheet is at the front desk. First come, first served.

Sock Mac Feegle

“Crivens! Whut aboot us, ye daftie?"

A crafty Discworld fan will lead a hands-on workshop for attendees who want to make their very own Nac Mac Feegle sock puppets. She will provide the decorative materials & the con will provide the blue socks so that you can just show up and make your Feegle.

Size is limited. $5 for materials fee.  Sign up sheet is at the front desk. First come, first served.

"Nac Mac Feegle wha hae!"  

 ✔Woad is Me: Face Painting for All Ages
Would you like to be a dragon like Errol? A dog like Gaspode (well, ok, much nicer-looking than Gaspode)? Why not walk the halls as blue as a Feegle? Or maybe you'd just like a Feegle on your cheek!  Come sit for the magnificent artistry of our talented face painters.  Designs will include Discworld animals; Wizzardly and occult-ish symbols; Celtic and Nordic designs; Discworld Guild symbols and Nac Mac Feegle clan markings, to name a few

Size is limited. $3 for materials fee.  Sign up sheet is at the front desk. First come, first served.


Author Readings
 We are fortunate in our friends. Among these are noted authors like Stephen Baxter, Esther Friesner, Kristine Smith, and Patrick Rothfuss; writers who have graciously accepted our request that they read from their latest or favorite works during the convention.   

Author and Artist Signings
The same folks will also be available to sign their books, along with Stephen Player, Discworld artist and creator of our Program Book cover.

Rob Wilkins and Terry will also offer our guests a reading from Terry's latest work, Snuff.

We may also have a surprise in store - tell no one.


Discworld Banquet hosted by the Duke and Duchess of Quirm
The great city of Quirm is undoubtedly the jewel of the Sto Plains.* We are the number-one vacation and retirement spot for the Ankh Morpork elite. Our beautiful city is home to one of the finest educational institutions on the Disc, and our breathtaking floral clock is one of the wonders of the modern age, but the true glory of Quirm comes, of course, from our world famous cheeses.

The Duke and Duchess of Quirm do hereby open their city to the travelers attending the North American Discworld Convention, and invite you to join them for an evening of dining and entertainment.

Terry Pratchett and other Honored Guests will be in attendance.

*According to those who live in Quirm anyway


Charity Auction
This is a live auction. Beneficiaries are the UK Orangutan Foundation and Alzheimer’s Research UK. This auction will include a variety of items: books, Pratchett collectibles, movie props, and stuff you just won’t find anywhere else on the Disc. We have happy to Pat Harkin again as our Auctioneer.


Our Discworld Costuming Dungeon will staffed by “real” Seamstresses, so don’t look for Mrs. Palm here, but you can fix, press or otherwise alter your Maskerade and hall costumes during the hours it is open.


Ankh-Morpork, the Game
Have you ever wanted to run Ankh-Morpork? Well, now’s your chance. We are delighted to announce that a prototype of the exciting new Discworld game, Ankh-Morpork, will be available from Treefrog Games for preview and demonstration at NADWCon2011.

Guards! Guards! Discussion of New Discworld Board Game
With the Eight Great Spells missing from the Unseen University the future of the Disc hangs in the balance. Each player is tasked to collect and return a number of the spells to the university before it is too late.
Infiltrate the guilds!
Complete the Wizards Challenges!
Charm or bribe volunteers to join you!
Can you defeat the dark and mysterious Elucidated Brethren of the Ebon Night?
Stephen Player joins us to discuss the creation and illustration of the game.

Guards! Guards! Live Action Role Playing Game.
This will be a con-wide game for a set number of players.


Appeal or No Appeal
A game show event hosted by Moist Von Lipwig. Swap your mystery package with other contestants or make a deal with the shadowy “Banker” to win fabulous prizes.

The Price is WHAT!?
Gameshow event hosted by C.M.O.T. Dibbler. Compete with other players to place bids on various Discworld items in order to win awesome prizes.

 ✔The Wyrdest Link
Gameshow event Hosted by Granny Weatherwax. Test your Discworld knowledge against other contestants in order to win from a selection of fabulous prizes.


Cripple Mr. Onion Tournament

Please Note: NADWCon is not responsible for losses incurred when playing against seemingly naive old ladies.

The Pointer & Pickles sponsored Thud Tournament.
Where Koom Valley happens every day... in a good way

Hone your Troll and Dwarf skills and then put them to the test against other players in our official Thud Tournament!


Daily: (Please see program schedule grid for times.)
Klatch: A desert country on a continent of the same name, known for its extremely strong coffee.
Kaffee: How Captain Carrot spells coffee in his letters home
Kaffee Klatch: A small selection of Discworld fans lucky enough to score a seat at a cozy chat with honored guests* You must sign up in advance for the Kaffee Klatches. Sign up sheets are available at the Information Desk on the day before the Klatch and will remain available until the Information Desk closes that night. If more than twelve people sign up for a Klatch, a random drawing will be used to select the lucky dozen and announcements posted on The Boards That Are White.  

Please do not try to attend if your name is not on the final list; instead, please enjoy one of our other fine program items.

*Despite the name, coffee and other beverages will not be provided–you’ll need to bring your own liquid refreshment.  

Terry Pratchett will do one, very special Klatch for Kids. 

Participants: Jennifer Brehl, Esther Friesner, Anne Hoppe, Ian Mitchell & Reb Voyce, Bernard Pearson, Stephen Player , Patrick Rothfuss, Kristine Smith, Colin Smythe, Rob Wilkins


The on-stage costume competition or "Maskerade" has been a Saturday evening tradition at Discworld conventions from the very beginning. Here at NADWCon, we seek to live up to that tradition with a lively Maskerade. Please, come and show off your finest costume work in front of our select panel of judges. The arrangement is not unlike a fashion show, with a stage and runway. Use this space to show your costume and to present a brief sketch or other performance to lend zing to your costume if you like. A receptive audience will provide itself. Your Director would appreciate advance registration of contestants, but you can wait until you get to the convention if necessary. Go to the Maskerade page of the Convention website to learn all the Maskerade details and to grab an advance sign-up form. All entrants must attend the Maskerade Technical Rehearsal.  Terry Pratchett will be one of our Honored Judges.

 ✔Maskerade Photo Call
After the judging, Maskerade entrants may celebrate their performances at this red carpet event* in which paparazzi and fans may take photographs. Work it! It is your time to sparkle like Mr. Shine (him diamond).

* Color and/or location of carpet may vary.
Maskerade Contestants and Volunteers Meeting
If you want to participate in the Maskerade this is the time to present yourself and your application. All Maskerade entrants must attend, otherise, how else will you know if your costume fits through the doors? The incredibly skilled and patient Tech Crew will go over your entry to make sure everything is perfect. The rest is up to you! This is the last chance to register if you have not had the opportunity. Stardom awaits!    

Entertainment During the Maskerade Judges’ Deliberation
The Oak Apple Morris Dancers will perform the always entertaining and slightly dangerous Stick and Bucket Dance.  Combat Morris Dancing at its finest.

The infamous Bad Ass Bromley folk dance will also be performed.


The Ankh-Morpork Stamp Swap Club
The Ankh-Morpork Stamp Swap Club (we're a bit more informal than the Ankh-Morpork & District Society of Flatalists) welcomes all flatalists to a relaxed meeting of collectors in which participants may exchange stamps, discourse on the various merits of the 50p Cabbage Green, the $1 Tower of Art, and the rest of 'em, or otherwise go on to their hearts' content about small, flat, sticky bits of paper.

Presided over by the Tyler at the Gates himself, Mr. Bernard Pearson.   

Black Ribboners Morning Meet Up
NADWCon is one big party but not everyone wants to drink copious amounts of alcohol, eat junk food or push themselves to the point of exhaustion.  This meet is for folks who are trying to stay a sane in the hustle and bustle of a busy con.  It isn’t a 12 Step meeting or Rational Recovery or Spiral Steps although all those folks are welcome. Nor is this a formal meeting of any kind. It is simply a Meet Up of Early Birds who want a quiet, peaceful beginning to the wonderful day ahead and a little support from like-minded folks in order to get through it.  Place and times to be announced on The Boards That Are White.

Discworld Changed My Life
(Back by popular demand) Pratchett fans have fascinating, funny and often moving stories to tell about how they discovered Discworld, what Terry's books have meant to them, or how the books have changed their lives. Sometimes they've met friends, (or spouses, even) because of Discworld.  Often, the book helped them get through an illness or loss. Come swap stories about how you found Terry's work and the impact these books have had.

Filk the Discworld
Have a Discworld-related filk you’d like to share? Like to learn a few new ones, or sing along to some old favorites? Join us as we celebrate the Discworld in music.

 ✔Lost in L-Space: Discworld on the Web
A meet-up for members of the many online communities, those of us perpetually (and happily) lost in great websites like L-space, and everyone interested in,, the Cunning Artificer's forum,, etc. Meet the folks you've been talking to, make new friends, or decide to take the plunge into online fandom.  This will include a discussion of Discworld MUD, the online multiplayer game.    


Due to both consideration for Sir Terry's health and well-being and the sheer number of Discworld fans who will be attending our amazing convention, it has been arranged that in place of traditional signing sessions, we will be hosting meet-and-greet sessions in which each attendee will have the opportunity to receive a special signed bookplate from The Man Himself.  The bookplate that you will receive personally from Sir Terry will be a limited edition made just for our convention, and will indicate that the plate was signed at the NADWCon2011.

Bookplate session tickets will be assigned randomly, and may be swapped between attendees at a Friday swap meet session that will be indicated on the program schedule. Please be aware that just like with a traditional signing, you will need to bring your ticket to the session to be admitted and receive your bookplate.  More details to come!

Please note: No flash photography will be permitted during these sessions, nor will photography while at the front of the line be permitted.  Non-flash photography from the sidelines that does not slow Sir Terry or the line will be allowed.  We also request that out of consideration for Sir Terry and out of fairness to all of the attendees, you do not approach Sir Terry at any time with requests for signatures. Approaching him with offers of a beer or interesting topics of conversation, or just to say hello or have a chat is fine, however!

Monday, “signing” to hand out bookplates to committee, staff, and volunteers; signing for Artefacts bought at auction; signing for 20 people who purchased a Terry signature in auction - 1 hour (Limited)

Ticket Swap -  Don’t like the time you have, you can make a change.


Discworld Pub Quiz
A Pre-Convention Welcome, Mix & Mingle
For those pre-registered folks who arrive early, we have something special planned. Come mix and mingle while chatting, hanging out, and, if you'd like, competing in a traditional test of wits and wisdom that will put your trivia skills to the test!     

Discworld Record Public Reading of “Where’s My Cow?”
This is how a legend starts ...

At Closing Ceremonies for NADWCon 2011 we will attempt the largest ever public reading of Where’s My Cow?  Mr. Pat Harkin will be our narrator and our assembled attendees will make all the noises.  Those who participate will receive a very special momento. What will it say? We’re not telling.

Having set such a record, we will then challenge other Discworld cons to beat it.  

Be there or be a square-shaped thingy

Is That A Duck On Your Head?
A local costume shop will be hosting a dress up party for about 30 of our staff, volunteers and other early arrivals. This is your opportunity to get that last minute piece for your costume, or just have a great time dressing up in all sorts of different garb from varying historical times and realities. Sign up at the front desk for this event. First come, first served.

Knees Up
Country Dancing… the Ballroom dance of another era… its special appeal is undefinable – or at least, unrepeatable in general company. Don’t miss this opportunity to have actual physical contact with many attractive strangers, without Security being called. No partner necessary – everyone will have the opportunity to pick someone up during the workshop. Forms range from graceful and romantic, to almost lethally vigorous – in this workshop we will explore the two extremes! First, the elegant Waltz Country Dance. Genteel people willing to frequently swap partners (in a dancing context, mind you!), are particularly encouraged. Those who find three-four tempo a bit tame, will surely find six-eight time at least twice as challenging – so do stay for the second half of the workshop, and learn how to Strip the Willow. Anyone looking for a cheap, legal way to wind up dizzy and disoriented will very much enjoy this one. Shoes should have flexible soles, low or no heels, and laces or straps which will prevent any sudden, unplanned release from the foot

Scottish Country Dancing Class for 30 people. Sign up at main desk -  first come, first served

Meet the Librarian - A Trip to the Henry Vilas Zoo
We’ve arranged for a  special presentation for our attendees on Orangutans to be held at the Zoo.The hotel will bus 24 people to the zoo. Sign up sheets are at the desk. We encourage others who would like to go to drive there (It is 5 to 10 minute drive from the con hotel). The zoo is free.

The zoo Keeper – Mary Schmidt – will be available to speak with our group about the Orangutans here at Henry Vilas Zoo.  They will close the Orangutan facility to the public so the group will have exclusive access to the building during this time.

You Can (Morris) Dance If You Want To!
Morris Dance Lessons for 20. Observers welcome. Sign up at main desk - first come, first served.


Welcome To Holy Wood - The Discworld in Movies & Television
We will show a special selection of Discworld movies in our movie room during the convention. These will include: Terry Pratchett: Choosing To Die,* Hogfather, Going Postal, Johnny and the Bomb, Johnny and the Dead, Living with Alzheimer’s (BBC documentary which includes interviews with Terry Pratchett), The Colour of Magic, Wyrd Sisters, and Soul Music.

*Terry Pratchett: Choosing To Die will have it’s North American premiere at this convention. Terry and Rob will introduce the film at its first showing and then be available for a 20 minute Q & A afterwards.



Bringing Discworld to Roundworld
A discussion about the Discworld "artefacts," maps, images and collectibles  and what it takes to bring the Discworld to life. Many of the Discworld images we love are by Paul Kidby and Bernard Pearson.   On hand will be representatives of PJSM Prints, a company that represents many of Mr. Kidby's Discworld works. Also present: The Cunning Artificer himself. Bernard Pearson, and his partners at the Discworld Emporium.  Before he started the DW Emporium Mr. Pearson worked at Clarecraft, the company that made so many wonderful Discworld figurines.
Character Design with Stephen Player
Join us as illustrator Stephen Player demonstrates his technique of digital painting. 

Dress to Express:    
Identity is often defined by clothing in the Discworld novels–a strategic rolled-up sock or a washerwoman's skirt in Monstrous Regiment; a pointy hat in the witch and wizard books; or a badge, a breastplate, and cheap boots in the Watch books. Come join us for this examination of clothing choices and effects in the Discworld and elsewhere. We’ll discuss how to dress for Discworld and related events like Steampunk and fantasy conventions. Whether your character is high style or low comedy, we’ll discuss budget busting fun and cheap-but-looks-fab costuming effects.  We’ll talk about what works and what has gone deeply, badly, horribly wrong in our own attempts to get that perfect look.

Discworld Beastiary
A discussion - both serious and un - of hares, ravens, rats, orangutans, dragons and other animals, both mythic and real, on the Discworld and in the world of folklore.  

Evil Genius, Good-ish Samaritan
Dr Hix DPMC invites the audience to present for comment and judging their suggestions for evil deeds that are either (a) not very evil and would be acceptable by the Unseen University if performed by Dr Hix or (b) are evil deeds masquerading as good deeds (e.g. giving children broccoli in their Hogwatch stocking as it is better for their teeth). The ideas will be judged by Dr Hix, Lord Vetinari (for his ability to judge when someone is truly evil or when they may require an angel) and an Igor (who has experience with evil geniuses) and the applicant may be deemed an Evil Genius or a Good-ish Samaritan if their idea has merit. Or they may be ridiculed.

Extra! Extra!
Come chat with the lucky folks who were involved in the filming of The Colour of Magic and Going Postal as extras and assistants in other positions both before or behind-the-camera. You’ll hear what it was really like to put Pratchett on film, including how “False Wizards Must Die” became “All Lizards Must Fly,” how no given crowd can ever successfully count to three on camera, and other strange and amazing anecdotes. If we're lucky, Pat Harkin will also show photos taken on the set.   

 ✔Gods, the Good the Bad and the Nonexistent
Ryan Sutter, Discworld fanatic and member of the Minnesota Atheists is all set to give a presentation comparing Roundworld and Discworld Gods, and the ethics of worshiping a higher being, whether they are actually there or not.

Good Omens: The Miniseries
Come hear The Man Himself and Rob Wilkins discuss the upcoming Good Omens miniseries in all its exciting development.

 Pratchett and the Pagans
“A witch deals with things”
A large number of eco-feminists, as well as male and female Pagans of all types love the folklore, myth and characters offered by our favorite Secular Humanist.  Our panel will discuss what Terry’s witches mean to them and what “Earthwise Ethics” they cherish, emulate and strive to teach from the Discworld Books.  Panel discussion with Q & A.

Monkey Business Improv Comedy Class
The Monkey Business comedy troupe will host a “basics of improv” comedy class. The class is limited to 20 people and will last for two hours.

Nanny Sutra
Sex, Food & Discworld.
Who doesn’t love a double entendre? (Bartender, make mine a triple!) Our panel* will include some of the most scandalous minds on the Discworld.**

* Hands-on workshop available through the Seamstress Guild by appointment only.

**consisting of those who are 18 at heart, with at least 32 years of experience, n’cest passe?***

*** That’s foreign for “been there, done that”

Publishers, Agents, and Editors: What Writers Need to Know
Do you think you've got a manuscript for the next Nanny Ogg's Cookbook? Have a handful of loose pages containing chapters-worth of brilliance, but no idea what to do with them next? Join Jennifer Brehl, Anne Hoppe, and Colin Smythe as they lead this panel on what it's like to be a publisher, agent, or editor, what they expect of writers, and what advice they have for aspiring writers.

Note: This is NOT the time or place to submit manuscripts, ask panelists to read anything, or pitch your unpublished book. Violators of this restriction WILL be punished in highly inventive and excruciatingly painful ways.   

Publishing Pterry
Jennifer Brehl (Terry’s U.S. editor at William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins), Anne Hoppe (Terry’s U.S. editor at HarperCollins Children’s Books), and Colin Smythe (Terry’s UK agent) discuss what it’s like to work with our Guest of Honor. A lot of fun, we presume!   

Science of Discworld
Back by Popular Demand: A Systems Engineer who specializes in robotics, a Software Engineer who has worked for both NASA and Honeywell, a Chemist and SF author working in Biopharmacology, and a Paleobiologist will discuss the science of Discworld. Two of our panelists are men, two are women.

Knowledge = Power = Energy = Matter = Mass.
A library is just a genteel black hole that can read

The Family That Reads Together …
Join us for a discussion of the young adult and children’s books by Pterry. We’ll talk about what they mean to us, what they teach our kids, what our young people think about these books, and how we can get more of them into the hands of teachers and librarians.

 ✔The Long Earth
Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter talk about their recent collaboration.  Come hear about a brand new series from The Guy in the Black Hat and award-winning science fiction novelist Stephen Baxter!

The Victorian Internet & The Technology of the Discworld
“Imagine an almost instantaneous communication system that would allow people and governments all over the world to send and receive messages about politics, war, illness, and family events. The government has tried and failed to control it, and its revolutionary nature is trumpeted loudly by its backers. The Internet? Nope, the humble telegraph fit this bill way back in the 1800s.“ (from The Victorian Internet by Tom Standage.)

Our panelists will discuss clacks and other technology of the Discworld.

+++Out Of Cheese Error ???????+++ Redo from Start

Tools of the Trade: The Seamstress Guild’s Guide To Using...Oh, Let’s Just Call Them Props
Get your minds out of the gutter, people; this panel is about costume items we flaunt like fans, hats, jewelry and those little boots that Terry Loves, as well as the essential but unseen, a.k.a. Items of a Delicate Nature. (You, there in the back, stop sniggering.)

Join our guild members as we go beyond the dress and corset and discuss the elements of costuming that often get overlooked from the wig down to the toe ring. This is a panel brimming with information no good Seamstress should be without. Spectators are welcome, but must keep their hands to themselves! 

The Wincanton Phenomenon   
Join the Cunning Artificer and a host of his disciples as they explain how a modest, unassuming English town metamorphosed into a little slice of Ankh-Morpork. Learn about the twinning of Ankh-Morpork, Discworld events that have happened there, and more! There may even be some neat things to look at...

When Worlds Collide: Where Steampunk Meets the Discworld
It can be argued that certain subtle elements of Steampunk can be found on the Discworld, a place that has yet to discover steam power. How does magic come into it?  What about Hex? Is this convergence centered on clothes (little boots!) or is there more to it? The intriguing mix of history, sf, tech, folklore, modern culture, and fantasy is one of the reasons why the Discworld books are so popular with a wide-ranging audience, many of whom are also Steampunk fans.  So bring your corsets and your goggles and we’ll see what’s what.

Witches, Wives, Seamstresses and Soldiers: The Women of Discworld
Our panel will discuss the lively lives of women on the Disc.

What To Read When You’re Not Reading Pratchett
What? You mean there are other books out there? Fans who share your taste will guide you gently towards other worlds and authors.


Not A Needle Among ‘Em - The Seamstress Guild Parties
This year the Seamstress Guild will host three parties, one for each night of NADWCon. The parties will be held in Genua (Title: A Genuan Night Out), Uberwald (Title: A Bite in Uberwald), and Quirm (Title: Quel Fromage).  The ladies and gentlemen of the guild will decorate the Hospitality Suite differently each night and costume accordingly. Guests may come as they are or dress to impress.

Unlike our grand event in 2009 which entertained over 500 guests and was designed for all ages, these parties will be for adults only and they will be smaller in size and thus a bit more intimate in nature (Intimate being our middle name). We will serve both alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks. Door Trolls will be carding our guests at the door.

The doors open at nine PM every night and close whenever the Watch begins making inquiries.

No special ticket purchase or registration is required to attend. Once again, our Guild is offering this party to our guests not so much gratis (which is entirely against Guild law), as Pro Bono.    
Producer: Denise Connell
Director: Missy Hayes 
Organized and Hosted by The Ladies & Gentlemen of the North American Seamstress Guild 

Guests of Honor: Stephen Baxter; Jennifer Brehl; Esther Friesner; Anne Hoppe; Sandra Kidby; Ian Mitchell & Reb Voyce; Bernard Pearson; Stephen Player; Sir Terry Pratchett; Colin Smythe; Rob Wilkins
Where: Hospitality Suite
Thursday night: All ages: 9pm to 2am
Title: Preview Party
Just beverages, no food
Friday 21+
9pm to 4am
City: Genua
Title: A Genuan Night Out
Saturday 21+  
9pm to 4am
City: Ubervald
Title: A night (slashed out) Bite Out in Ubervald
Sunday 21+
9pm to 4am
City Quirm
Title: Quel Fromage
Monday All ages
5pm till the cows come home
Title: Flogging the Dead Cow Party aka Clean Up Drinking.

These are "Official Hours", Might go even later if people are about.


Wyrd Sisters: The Play

"It's all very well calling for eye of newt but do you mean Common, Spotted or Great Crested?"

We am pleased to announce that The Cromulent Shakespeare Company will present perform Wyrd Sisters at NADWCon.

Two performances of Wyrd Sisters are currently scheduled. Expect drama, comedy, romance, and a little audience participation.

If you spy three Witches sitting in the front row, do not, I repeat, do not, ask them to remove their hats.


Reading with Rob – This Time, with Footnotes!
Rob Wilkins often acts as Terry's unofficial voice as he fields emails and inquiries from fans – now come and hear him actually voice some of Terry's work as he reads selections (published or soon-to-be published – the selection will be a surprise!) chosen by The Man Himself. Incidentally, The Man Himself will also be on hand, ready to offer on-the-spot insights into the passages being shared.   


Readings -  Other Authors    
Sir Terry isn't the only published author in our midst. Come and listen to some of our other talented and published guests read selections of their own work.   
Who: Stephen Baxter, Esther Friesner, Partick Rothfuss, Kristine Smith


Opening Ceremony
In the beginning, there were the words...of Sir Terry Pratchett! So what better way to start the convention than by welcoming The Man Himself, with proper pomp and fanfare?  Join us for the official start of NADWCon2011.

 Discworld Emporium: A Special Demonstration
Come see Ian Mitchell of The Discworld Emporium in action! Ian will be doing craft demonstrations at various times throughout the weekend at The Discworld Emporium tables in the Dealers Room.
Where: Dealers Room

Closing Ceremony:
All good things must come to an end, or at least take a break now and again. But even endings can be fun! Join us as we bid adieu to new friends and old, with a last hurrah (and perhaps a moo or a baa) before we must depart.

Tools of the Trade: The Seamstress Guild’s Guide To Using...Oh, Let’s Just Call Them Props
Get your minds out of the gutter, people; this panel is about costume items we flaunt like fans, hats, jewelry and those little boots that Terry Loves, as well as the essential but unseen, a.k.a. Items of a Delicate Nature. (You, there in the back, stop sniggering.)

Join our guild members as we go beyond the dress and corset and discuss the elements of costuming that often get overlooked from the wig down to the toe ring. This is a panel brimming with information no good Seamstress should be without.


Alzheimer's Research Trust Talk
In December of 2007, Sir Terry Pratchett was diagnosed with early-onset PCA, a rare variant of Alzheimer's disease. Since his diagnosis, he has become an influential advocate for the cause of increased funding and research in the field of Alzheimer's research, and has donated 1 million dollars toward further research. At NADWCon, Dr. Chat Yukus will discuss the latest advances in detecting and treating this disease.  

Fireside (Okay, Pipe-Smoke-side) Chat with The Cunning Artificer
Come listen to our friendly and famous (in our circles at least) raconteur, The Cunning Artificer himself, regale you with tales of, well, just about anything that comes into his head. He may talk about artistic endeavors, little bits of sticky paper, adventures with a knight, or even the shrubbery. We just can't know 'til we sit down to listen, but we can tell you it will be a jolly good time.   

 ✔Guild of Thieves Talk
The Ankh-Morpork Guild of Thieves is proud to announce, for one day only, a lecture to be given by Josiah Boggis OAM, their esteemed President and Supreme Master Thief.
Topics to include:
- The Ettiquette of Merchandise Relocation and the Importance of Leaving a Receipt
- The Proper Use of Devices to Subdue Clients
- The Importance of Proper Retail Relocation in an Economic Downslide
- How to Make and Use a Lock Pick

There will be a small fee for Certificates of Attendance*

*I.e. we would request that you make a small donation to the con charities if you want a certificate. What, you didn't think the Thieves' Guild would give you something for nothing, did you?   

Lay of the Land
“When we’re good, we’re very, very good but when we’re bad, we’re better.”  

The founder of the North American Seamstress Guild, will offer advice how to form your own group or guild, work effectively at cons and host events. She will offer dos and don’ts on costuming, decorating and working with volunteers and will discuss ways to use social media, websites and web boards to best effect.   Learn how to do some good and have fun at the same time.

Red Stars and Other Cosmic Nuisances
Cosmic disaster stories of stars and other bodies threatening Earth go back to H.G. Wells, and have continued to be written about to the present day. Steven Baxer will address how Terry’s Pratchett’s work parodies cosmic disaster stories in books such as The Light Fantastic.

Scumble OR Mostly Apples …
Home brewing Workshop: Adults, mostly

 ✔Talking with Terry: Guest of Honor Interview and Discussion   
What's the latest news on Snuff, the Good Omens miniseries and more? You never know what you will find out when Sir Terry talks, but one thing is guaranteed: it will never, ever be boring. This is an event you do not want to miss!

The Jimkin Bearhuggers Whisky Talk:
We’re starting a new NADWCon tradition with the (first ever, semi-annual) Bearhugger Whisky Talk wherein we consider the definitions for Whisky, Bourbon, and Scotch and, within Scotch, Blended, "Vatted",  Single-Malt and single-barrel types.  We will also discuss the specifics of wood/barrels, aging in general and age statements.  

We will then look at a map of Scotland and cover the styles and flavors by recognized regions and some specific distilleries across Scotland. There are Irish and Japanese (and maybe other) Single Malt Whiskeys which are "like" Scotch, but can't officially be called "Scotch" if they're not produced in Scotland.

If we have time, we can talk about "beer" and the difference between grain and malt and how a Maltster converts one into the other.

Later on, we can test what we’ve learned. Madison's best brew pub is 3 blocks away.

Wizards of Warwick Chat
Join us as we chat with two men who were made Honorary Wizards of Unseen University by Terry Himself,  The Science of Discworld co-authors, mathemetician Ian Stewart and biologist Jack Cohen. This will be a Q & A with these two gentlemen via Skype.

See you there, 


Art: Portrait of Terry Pratchett by Paul Kidby

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