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Friday, August 3, 2012

Registration for NADWCon Temporarily Closed Due to Techincal Problems that I have your attention: 

The Baltimore Con Committee is experiencing technical difficulties.  As a result, registration at their website has been down since July 29th. There is no word, as yet, regarding a date when online registration will be resumed.  
They are working on this as we speak and apologize for the inconvenience.  Please be patient. 
Stay tuned to the NADWCon website, Twitter and Facebook pages (and this blog) for further announcements. 
Update 8/7/2012
The ConCom are working tirelessly to get registration back online, hopefully within the next few days. We will also be extending the $88 rate to compensate for the lost time. We'll keep you posted!

Thank you,


Update 8/5 :  As of this writing there have been roughly 250 tickets sold thus far out of a projected 1,000.  That is an excellent number for this early on in the game.  (1) The Con Treasurer tells me that the hotel staff are very impressed to see so many bookings for the con this far out (11 months) from the date of an event. (2) So no worries, folks. Unless things change radically,  I firmly believe that this con will be a sell out.

Figgins crossed that registration is open again soon.  I'm sure lots of folks still want to get in on that $88. Octarine price.  It's a very good deal.


Steampunk Corset photo from Spanky Spangler Steampunk Creations

P.S. One of our more popular panels in 2011 was on the Steampunk elements in the Discworld novels.  


(1) The last two NADWCons were capped at 1,000 attendees and both sold out (with more people wanting to buy tickets in the last weeks before the cons began and unable to do so).   Could this ConCom make more tickets available if this happens again? That is up to them. Stay tuned.  As for me, I'm not taking any chances; I've got my tickets and our hotel room is booked.

(2) Rumor has it that their comment was, "Who are you people?" ... I could not possibly comment.

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  1. It was the octarine interference, I'll bet. Damned stuff bleeds over and mucks up our technology.