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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Steampunk & Discworld

I'm currently working on a panel that will speak to the convergence of Discworld and Steampunk fans I saw at the last NADWCon.  As Steam Ingenious notes, there are a great many Steampunk elements in the Discworld and these tend to be subtle and mixed with magic. This intriguing mix of history, sf, tech, folklore, modern culture, and fantasy is one of the reasons why Terry Pratchett's books are so popular with such a wide-ranging audience.

The panel will be called When Worlds Collide.

Do you know anyone who is informed, well spoken and interesting who could add to a panel discussion at NADWCon 2011? If, so please let me know.

Sarah (a Seamstress and volunteer extraordinaire) just sent me a great Pterry (1) story from the last NADWCon. Enjoy

Eric P.  is a Geordie, and more to the point, a steam-rail hobbyist: he's a bigwig at the Railway Museum...We're in the bar towards the end of the Tempe con, drinking with Terry, and he suddenly turns to Eric and asks "Did you ever have to piss in a headlight", and they were off for about 20 minutes about carbide lamps and their odder elder relatives.
Oh, to be a fly on that glass....

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Geek Fun: Steampunk for your iPhone 
Steampunk cases & apps that will turn your videos & photos into old style movie reels and Victorian photos.  Hat tip to Karen Anderson @writerway in Seattle for the link.

Video: Exhibition: Steampunk in Oxford 

Costuming: Elements of Steampunk Style 


(1) To get that joke you need to read Pyramids

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