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Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Turtle Moves: Remembering Terry Pratchett - This Documentary Needs YOU

Discworld fans have a chance to appear in and/or help fund "a love letter to Terry Pratchett".  

We've chosen to make a film featuring fan's memories of Sir Terry at Sasquan / Worldcon 2015 because he was a popular attendee at Worldcons for many years and is well known there.  This particular worldcon is the site of The Great Discworld Fan Gathering and Sasquan is honoring Terry with a number of panels and events. (1) We have their permission to interview Terry's fans who are traveling from all over the world to attend, and a special memorial panel for Terry will be presented on Thursday, August 20th.   

The Turtle Moves: Remembering Terry Pratchett - Kickstarter Page

This film is going to be a positive and heartfelt commemoration, and it is being made by fans, for fans.

Questions about the film itself should be directed to John Kentner, the director, via the Kickstarter page.

Please help us get this film made: Share the link to the Kickstarter page with your friends and on your FB and Twitter pages and donate a few dollars if you can.  A list of rewards and perks for donors, including a DVD of the film,  is available at the Kickstarter page. 

Thank you,


(1) Sasquan / Worldcon 2015 is honoring Sir Terry in a wide variety of ways, including Discworld themed panels, events, dances, games, fan meets, exhibits, and more. With 6,000+ attendees it's the easiest (and cheapest) way to find a lot of Discworld fans from all over the world in one place.

Sasquan / Worldcon 2015

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