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Friday, August 22, 2014

Updates: Programing for The Great Discworld Fan Meet At Sasquan

Greetings all,

We've been in touch with Sasquan (WorldCon 2015) about the Discworld panels we'd like to see offered there for The Great Discworld Fan Gathering at that convention.  We have suggested, among others, the ever popular NADWCon panels titled "The Science of Discworld" and "The Tech of Discworld", "The Women of Discworld" and "Folklore, World Myths, Ancient Legends and The Discworld".

Are there classes, panels, events, or meets you'd like to see there, either for kids or adults? Let us know using the link noted below.

We can and will suggest the names of interesting people (many of them folks you might know from previous NADWCons) for these panels and events AND we are always looking for new people who can add to our sum of Discworld knowledge.  So don't be shy, step up and offer your skills.

Over the next few months we will be working closely with the Chair of Events and the Chair of Programming for Sasquan.  We will gather names and recommend folks for *every* Discworld panel and event until May 1st, 2015 (which is the programming cut off date).  If you wish to be included on a panel - or want to suggest some good ideas - please use the Sasquan Program Idea form: 

This is what you will see: 


Have an idea for Events or Program? Drop us an E-mail. We’re eager to hear what you’ve liked at conventions.

Worldcons are always interested in ways to innovate new kinds of Program and Events. Currently, we have panels, videos, dances, parties, workshops, contests, game shows, concerts, Masquerade, Hugo Awards Ceremony, readings, autographings… Over the last few years, a film festival and Strolling with the Stars have been added to the Worldcon schedule. Between now and September 1, 2014, we’d like to get con attendees to think a little about new types of Program or Events we could add.

We’re also looking for new topics and panelists for Program, and can take topic/panelist suggestions until May 1, 2015.

This idea form can help you reflect on what you’ve liked about recent conventions, and what you’d like to see Sasquan try to do in 2015.


Your Name

Your Email

What Was the Best Event or Program Item You Saw at a Recent Convention?


Who Were the Best Event or Program Participants You Saw at a Recent Convention?


If You've Attended a Recent Worldcon, What's the One Change You'd Like to See for Sasquan Events or Program?

What's the Optimal Length for a Panel?  
60 minutes
90 minutes
Suggest a New Type of Event or Program

Suggest an Idea for a Panel Topic

Suggest Participants for this Panel

Any Other Comments for Events or Program?


Thank you,

Dj Connell
Chair, The Great Discworld Gathering at Sasquan
Chair, NADWCon Steering Committee
Founder, Seamstress Guild of North America
Co-Founder, Dark Clerks of North America
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