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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Updates on NADWCon hotel and memberships

Happy Mother's Day to all our Discworld Moms!

Greetings everyone. 

It's Official: The Convention Hotel is ....

I don't know about you, but I've been doing The Happy Dance over the news that our convention hotel is the marvelous Baltimore Marriott Waterfront.  (1) Those of us who've been there know that the ConCom has made an excellent choice.  Check out the link and the photos at the hotel's website and you'll see what I mean.

Folks, you are going to love the Baltimore Harbor area, trust me.  There is lots to see and do (and eat and buy) within easy walking distance of the hotel and this area is very safe and very family-friendly.

Today's FAQs: 


Fans have been asking on Facebook when they can buy memberships.  Baltimore's Con Chair, Richard Atha-Nichols writes: 
Not yet. We're working on the technical back end to ensure it's nice a smooth. Bear with us, it should be up in a couple of weeks. - RAN

Another Facebook fan who is new to cons wondered if they could book their hotel and buy memberships from the website at the same time.  The answer from Richard is both Yes & Soon and he makes an important note about hotel rates:
When registration becomes available we'll provide a link to book the hotel at the discounted rates. Until then rooms cannot be booked at the Marriott at the discounted rates.  - RAN
It seems NADWCon already has hundreds of fans with their credit cards at the ready, all waiting to secure their spot at NADWCon 2013.  Stay tuned to the usual sources:

NADWCon website, and/or the

NADWCon 2013 Facebook page and

* The @nadwcon Twitter page

* The NADWCon Live Journal page 

for further news.

I, too, will send out an alert as soon as the website is ready to take your orders.  (2)

See you there,


(1) I didn't mention it before now because the hotel won't take our reservations for the con this far out. See Today's FAQ section re Booking Hotel Rooms.

(2) The con's web team is testing the website's order and credit card functions and being verrra careful to make sure that security is tight, privacy is protected and that there are no glitches when the time comes to open the Order Page up to the fans.  I am glad we have such a careful and professional web team on board - please give them your patience and support - djc 

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