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Monday, December 5, 2011

Terry Pratchett's next book or rather, books.

Terry Pratchett and Nancy Pearl, Librarian of the Year, 2011

Lately, Terry's been talking about his next book(s). Here is an excerpt from an interview he gave on 12/4:
 He’s currently working on a novel with a working title of Happy Families, set in the early Victorian period, and which he compares with the Flashman series since the lead, fictional character has a series of encounters with historical figures.

The other is a science-fiction novel, The Long Earth, co-written with Stephen Baxter and tackling the quantum universe.

There’s even another Discworld novel brewing, provisionally titled Raising Taxes, and starring conman Moist Von Lipwig. “Unless I come up with a better idea. Narrativia moves in mysterious ways. Or I might be dead.”

He has hinted in the past that Rhianna, a computer game scriptwriter, might take over the Pratchett empire when he is no longer able to write, although he says they have only discussed it in the broadest sense.

“It’s only if she wants to do it. In no way would I press her to do it but I know she could do it because I’ve seen her stuff.” In fact, Rhianna might find she will be glad of the money since her father plans to leave the bulk of his fortune to good causes.

Terry talked about Happy Families at the brunch with Book Maven Nancy Pearl following his October 11th Town Hall event in Seattle.   I can't wait to read it.

Terry and Ms. Pearl are old friends. You may know Nancy Pearl from her wonderful book blog or her insightful commentary on NPR.  She is the author of the Book Lust series and (I love this) the inspiration for the famous Librarian action figure.

Meeting Nancy Peal was a real treat. (In person, she is just as nice as one could hope.)  When these two began talking I just sat in the corner, very quiet, like a UU rat with very big ears.  They talked about books and writing and I joyfully listened while my eggs got cold.  My thanks again to Terry and Rob for graciously including Ray Friesen, Prof. Kathryn Hobbe, my guy and me in their plans on this wonderful weekend in Seattle.  The chowder at dinner was excellent - I can see why Terry raves about that. The sun was even shining.  Clearly, Narrativia, AKA She Who Smiles On Writers, was enjoying her time in Seattle.

Kudos and thanks to the charming and well organized team at the University Bookstore for hosting such a great event. 

Let me also add a shout out to animal lover, writer and photographer, Shelly Rae Clift, who was taking photos for Locus Magazine.  Anytime I get to meet someone who tells great stories and who knows American English, Old English, Middle English, British English and Spanglish, it's a good day.

Regards to all here,


Photo: Terry Pratchett & Nancy Pearl, Seattle 2011

Video: Nancy Pearl's 2010 Interview w/ Terry Pratchett at University Bookstore in Seattle

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